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any news about the farscape movie

sometime during jan i came across this site http://www.farscape.com/news/index.html
for some odd reason, and found out they were going to do a movie, but thats still all i know. anybody know more about this subject than me? shouldn't be hard as i know nothing. and what about the anime. anybody know anything about that, again, i know naught.

I know the creators of the show would eventually like to do a miniseries or a movie to finish off all the loose ends. I pray sci-fi channel is sold and someone else is put in charge

Unfortunately, B5 was also hoping to have a spin off series and a movie.

Getting them funded is another story.

The amazing thing about Farscape, IMHO, is how Bonnie and the gang were praising it to no end, then suddenly dumped it.

In what seemed to be the blink of an eye it went from being the pride of the station to a cancelled and incomplete series.

While a theatrical movie would be great, it would not tie up the loose ends left from the series. Doing that would require too much prior knowledge fromt he audiance. Any proposed theatrical movie would have to stand on its own for the movie goers who had not followed the series. The shows producers have stated as much.

A mini-series, or "limited series" would be great. The catch is that the average cost per episode for such a thing would be higher than what it has cost for the seasons of the series. In the first place not all of the costs are incremental (so per hour of show created), some of them are much more fixed for the season or run of the series (so much to get set up in the first place). In the second place such a limited run would be unlikely to include as many "bottle episodes" to bring the average cost per hour down.

This kind of limited run series is basically what SciFi was suggesting with the abbreviated 13 episode fifth season. Henson and SciFi couldn't get the get the numbers (money) to work out acceptably to both. It is still possible that someone could decide that as an "event" (like the Dune mini-series; something like 10 hours in a week or 12 hours in 2 weeks) the return and conclusion of Farscape might be worth enough that it would be worth the effort for Henson to turn on the lights in a studio again.
I doubt they would let them have 12 hours maybe 6 to 10 at the most.
Insult or not, I think Kemper and Co. were really stupid for not accepting the 13 episode Season 5 offer. At least they would've got to finish the story. What's nine episodes? I'm sure jms has had to do a similar compression to Jeremiah's arc after being given only 15 episodes in his S2.
By all accounts, Henson did not reject the 13 ep season because it was insulting. They rejected it for monetary reasons. They could not produce a 13 ep season for the same average cost per episode as they could a 22 ep season, and Henson was unable or unwilling to accept the larger up front loss to get those eps in the can.
I doubt they would let them have 12 hours maybe 6 to 10 at the most.

I don't disagree. 12 would be my hoped-for-but-not-expected wish. Somewhere in the 6 - 10 range would be more along the lines of what I would expect (if such a deal were done at all). Maybe 8 hours to be shown 2 hours per night of a Monday -> Thursday week (not impinging on Friday Prime, or whatever they're calling it now).

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