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Any Minbari Techn-Mages? Any Narn?

We've seen Techno-Mages in B5, A Call to Arms, Crusade, and we've even had them appear in the Centauri trilogy and a (of course) the Techno-Mage trilogy.

Did anyone remember seeing or reading about any Minbari or Narn Techno-Mages?

No big deal, just wondering....

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I remember noticing a very Narn-sounding name in the technomage books... can't recall it right now, and I don't think that the person's race was mentioned (no, I'm not thinking of G'Leel or any of the other Narns!).

I'll have to look it up if I remember.

I really don't recall seeing any Minbari-sounding names though. Perhaps the Minbari didn't trust technomages?

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Minbari being a somewhat Xenophobic and isolationist culture I would doubt they would join up with the Mages.

And Narns have only been in space less than a century I believe, maybe even less than 50 years. So they wouldn't have really had time to join the Mages.

That being said, I am not saying a definate No, but the chances are a bit slim.

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About the Narn I simply don't know.

As for Minbari mages, I believe that there are none. Unlike their relationship with Soul Hunters, their relationship with technomages is probably not hostile. But it may be *very* suspecting.

Occasional spoilers for mage trilogy:

<table bgcolor=black><tr><td bgcolor=black><font size=1 color=white>Spoiler:</font></td></tr><tr><td><font size=2 color=black>The Minbari have fought the Shadows and can recognize most Shadow technology. They have a fuzzy understanding of what the Shadows wanted and how they worked. During a war, you learn to know your enemy -- and their weapons.

They may have fought against technomages in the last war. Or possibly, Valen may have used the assistance of some technomages who didn't appreciate the Shadow gift. Valen used the help of several aliens and at that time, technomages still knew who had given the tech.

Or some Minbari may have joined the mages and been curious. Given their own pretty advanced technology, they may have figured out the origins of mage technology. After realizing it came from the Shadows, very few would approach it for anything short of destruction. Those who joined probably regretted it, informing others so they would not make the same mistake.

Most Minbari would consider accepting something from Shadows a mistake. If they took a close look at the tech, they might have even realized that one person needed to die for another to become a technomage.</font></td></tr></table>

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I'll try and see if I can find it in the books over the weekend. If I remember.

It was mentioned twice maybe, and can't even recall which books that was in.

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