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Any fans of The Expanse in here? (Books or TV Show)


I mentioned The Expanse in another thread, and was wondering if there are any fans of the books or show here. I've really enjoyed it. I think I saw the first season on SyFy Channel first, then went and read the book, and was blown away by how closely the show honored the book, and how well they cast the characters. I had read all of the book series by the time the second season aired.

It's a neat, realistic (physics wise) Sci-Fi concept, taking place mostly in our solar system, but also blends in some concepts B5 fans would be familiar with. Political agendas, secret organizations, and an over-arching story which takes a LONG time to develop. It was also a pre-planned story for the most part, and the final book gets released in just over a month, so it will have a final conclusion.

Curious if anyone else has taken this in.
Fan of the books here, particularly the first four or five books - I feel there is a degree of diminishing returns with books 6-thru-8, but they're still entertaining and readable, and I'm looking forward to the final book being published next month. Leviathan Wakes is probably in my top ten sf books that I've read, and to be honest Caliban's War and Nemesis Games aren't that far behind it.

I've not quite taken to the TV series. I think the cast are excellent, and they're who I think of now when I read the books, but something about the show doesn't quite gel for me, and it's hard to put my finger on what that is. It feels a bit too self important, a bit too serious, to me anyway. I haven't even finished watching season 5. And I miss Miller (in show and books, but most especially in the show, I thought Thomas Jane did a great job).

But yeah, it's good stuff.
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Probably the best new SF show in quite some time. It reminded me of B5 in its scope, and the production values and acting are all top quality. I felt some seasons lagged a bit, but the payoff has always been very cool. The S3 conclusion had the same 'epic' feeling of later B5 when things started to heat up.

Season 4 was my least favourite, but S5 saw it very much back on form.

I think it'll go down as a classic series in genre, and with it being linked to the book series, there is a definite beginning, middle and end. A massive plus in my book. It makes nu-Trek look exceedingly poor by comparison.

Put it this way, if the new B5 can be as good as the Expanse in terms of plotting, acting and VFX, I'll be a very happy man.
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Seems like I should give it a second chance. I started it, but my GF is not a fan of "pewpew in space" and so we stopped watching it...
I haven't read the books (started the first one after watching the first two seasons of the show, but dropped it for the time being as I didn't find it enjoyable to read so immediately after seeing the TV version; I expect I might pick it up again once some time has passed though) but I've been enjoying the show quite a bit, although as "someone watching the show and enjoying it", not quite "as a dedicated fan" level.

I did find the latest season dragging a bit and it's one of those shows I find a bit hard to get back into every time there's a lengthy break between seasons, but it's IMHO by far the best SF show around currently*, and I'm certainly looking forward to the next (final?) season.

*I haven't given Foundation a go yet although I intend to.
I read the first two books in the series, but I haven't had time to start on another new series on television. I'm glad to know it's worth watching, it seemed like one of the better and more space-science-realistic series I've ever read. I'll start watching it probably when I finish the current series I am watching from season 1 "Killing Eve". I just finished "The Handmaids Tale". It's amazing how much good and watchable entertainment is out there, at the moment.
I read like the first to sixth books and got tired of the character swapping chapters. Holden is my guy and it got tiring... I followed the show over to Amazon prime. Watch some of the vids on YouTube about the Rocinante, or the other ships, the designs are really well thought out. The Rocinante is like a building so when it's under acceleration or breaking the thruster is the gravity...

I think, the ships are very well thought out.
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