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Any chances to grab the audio?



I only managed to grab Dulann's phrase till "All are one, sworn to the ..." then realplayer went crappy...

"At last we will have revenge."
I grabbed it, but as a realplayer audio file, lol, which was my only choice. I also made a really bad realplayer video file, using my webcam. The audio file isn't too bad, except for the 8 seconds of nothing at the start, and the end. I'll put it on the start of the page with my captures, so people can listen and look at the pics, lol.

Just put it up, seems to be working, lemme know if there are problems.

Rangers Trailer Caps (and audio)


"There are moments when we all become someone else, something other than what we are. It takes only a moment, but we spend the rest of our lives looking back at that moment in shame."
I'll get audio up today for everyone... I'll be making a seperate announcement in another thread, in just a few minutes.

Dreg: "Most beauteous and supremely magnificent one, this dark spell I hold in my worthless and scabby hand is our gift to you, most tingly and wonderful Glorificus..."
Glory: "Please, call me Glory. And get up, looking at you is hurting my neck."
Dreg: "Forgive me, shiny special one. I beg of you to rip out my inadequate tongue."
Glory: "Gimme."

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