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Any B5 gag reel


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I just bought all of the B5 DVDs and I;m also looking for the gag reels. In the season 2 box there is a gag reel reference but I can't find it. Also is there gag reels in every box or just selected ones. I did go to the special features and hit the gag reel link but nothing happened. My understanding was that it was located in the title someplace.

BTW I'm new here but I feel this is the place that I can talk about the DVDs and new things aboout B5. I did B5 DVD marathons and watched a complete season each weekend. It was great. Seeing the episodes back to bac like that really put the story together. I didn't realize it back when I was watching the VHS tapes but The Long Dark is a very important episode, I think. So any feed back will be greatly appreciated on finding the gag reels.:) :)

Season 1 - no gag reel
Season 2 - last disc go to Universe of B5 the go to data file to the Project Lazarus, then left arrow to the #5 and play.
Season 3 last disc - same up to data file go to battle for B5 and down arrow to the #5 and play.
Season 4 & 5 last disc universe of B5 then go to gag reel

Hope that helps
Thanks for your help. I found the gag reels. It will take me a while to watch season 5 and I think I'll just skip disc 6 Sleeping in Light. When I warched it the first time on TV, I was completely devastated. I don't think I want to go through that again.

You should at least watch the JMS commentary on SiL. It was good and very interesting. Anyway, tears are good for everyone releaves tension.

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