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Any Alias fans in the hizzay?



First, I really have no explaination for this, but I never watched this show when it was on TV the first 2 seasons. It is totally my kind of show. I watch and love 24. I love B5 which has a story arc. Alias is similar to both shows. The only possible explaination is that it was on at the same time X-Files final season was on, and I for some reason watched all that instead and didnt set the VCR. Anyway, friends, family, all ripped on me for not getting into this show because it was so something that I would like.

So today I bought the Season 1 DVD set which came out. Yep, the show fucking owns. Jennifer Garner is hot. Well thought out characters. Cool spy plot (Ive always love spy movies and books) and the show DOES have a great story arc building. Ive only seen the first 4 episodes and already there is some cool stuff going on in the background.

So anyone who hasn't seen this show but is a B5 fan, I recommend picking it up because it is one of maybe 3 shows that measures up to B5 in intelligence and story. And because Jennifer Garner is hot.

My plan is to watch all of Season 1 this week, and as we speak I am leeching SVCD rips of all the Season 2 episodes so I can watch those before Season 3 starts on September 28th.

Oh, and before all you anti-file sharing peeps get on my case, I do fully intend to buy Season 2 on DVD when it comes out in December, but if I wait that long to watch it, I'm screwed for watching Season 3.

One final comment on the quality of the DVD set. Dolby 5.1 sounds great. They also filmed this show in 16x9 and in 4x3 so it works great on widescreen and on regular TVs. Picture quality is fantastic as well.

Anyone else here watch this show? Don't post spoilers btw because there is some real cool stuff brewing that I don't want ruined.
And another one joins the fold.

I was dragged in by a girl who's primary focus is Michael Vartan, but the show's good enough to keep my interest. (Jennifer Garner, while pretty, is not enough by herself. The plot has to take up the slack.)

Season 2 was somewhat mind-blowing. S3 should be even more bizarrely cool.
Season 2 rocked. It took a perfect story turned it on head and made it even more interesting. S2's already aired on SKY in the UK and let me tell you the cliffhanger is almost as good as z'ha'dum.
Recoil, I could have told you Alias ruled ages ago. :D And Jennifer Garner is just lovely and hot and lovely. :D

Season one is good, but I felt got a *little* (emphasis on little) too thread-bare in the latter half of the season. But season two is better than season one, much tighter. It's nice to know shows get better. :)

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