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AntonyF's Review where is it?



AntonyF\'s Review where is it?

Well I havent checked the boards in awhile I've been on holidays with no computer(oh the pain of withdraw) but last time i was on before Xmas AntonyF said he would post a review of the movie closer to the air date.
did he post it and if he did where can I find it??

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Re: AntonyF\'s Review where is it?

Hmm, yes it is quite difficult to navigate the news archives but I think I found it for you:

[Edit note] I copied a link from my news section that links directly to the review. It should be easier to load than the entire month's worth of news items:

B5LR.com review of the telemovie!

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Re: AntonyF\'s Review where is it?

Thankyou Lyta for giving Karanthas that link.

Sinse this thread was just a query which been answered , I closing thread down.

Hope you enjoy review Karanthas


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