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Another Coincidence in Casting


Alex Zahara (aka Dulann) and Andrew Kavadas (aka Captain Gregg) both had rolls in Turbulance 3 and both played Norsemen in 13th Warrior.
Curious if these two are actually friends who go to casting calls together or this is another one of those cosmic coincidences that plague our universe, like the fact Joe Straczynski, Jeffery Sinclair and John Sheridan all have the same initials or the mystery of Vlarn and Swedish Meatballs.

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Not Vlarn, Breen.

They might've been friends, or at least acquaintances after their first job togther. It looks like most of these guys have all been on the same shows up there in Vancouver, just not always at the same time.

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I doubt the initials of the producer and the B5 commanders were a coincidence. If I had the option, I would probably name the hero after myself.

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