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Anne Manx


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So, how many people knew about this? I didn't until just now.

Yesterday, on the drive home from seeing RotS again, I tuned to one of the radio drama channels on XM Satellite Radio, and The Adventures of Red Cloud were on. It was kinda interesting to listen to it, so just now, I googled for it and found this....

Radio Repository Company of America shows list

It lists Anne Manx in Lives Of The Cat, Anne Manx and the Ring of Minotaur, and Anne Manx and the Trouble on Chromius. Anne Manx is played by Claudia Christian. In two of the three Anne Manx programs listed, Pat Tallman also plays a character, and from the description on the page, it's a villain. Andy Hallett, who played Lorne on Angel is also in one.

On the RRCA's main page, it says they've got a new one coming out July-August with Claudia and Pat called Anne Manx on Amazonia.

I hadn't heard of any of these before. Has anyone around here given any of them a listen before?
I've got the first...two, I think. I'm afraid I can't give it much of a good review. I never made it past the first one because the third disk 'skips' on every player I've got and I can't get past it. Cleaning, etc. didn't help. I never tried to follow up because I really didn't have much use for the dialogue. Granted, everything has to be spoken in radio drama, but...well there was way too much repetition of points already made and the good guy/bad guy exchanges felt like something out of the 1930s.

FWIW, after the first minute or so I stopped thinking of the characters in terms of Claudia/Ivanova and Pat/Lyta so the voice acting was good considering the material.

the good guy/bad guy exchanges felt like something out of the 1930s.

It might have just been the mindset I had when reading it, but when I read the descriptions of the stories, it made me think that that was kinda the idea. I don't know if that was truly the intentions of the creators though.

I have a few of the CDs of the stuff Alien Voices has done. Ever since I saw the live performance version they did of The Lost World on the SciFiChannel years ago, I thought it was kinda cool.
I guess the thing to do would be to try one and if I like it get the others. Am I correct to understand that Anne Manx in Lives Of The Cat is the first episode -- if you will -- of the Anne Manx series?

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