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What's this all about?
Anyone seen it?
Is it any good?

I seem to remember hearing about anime shorts made in lieu of previews in theatres.
Animatrix is 9 episodes ~10 minutes long that relates one way or another to the Matrix.

One of the episodes (I think A Kid's Story), is the story of a teenager being taken out of the matrix with Neo's help. This teenager is the same as the one in Matrix:Reloaded that's always following Neo around in Xion (can't remember his name).
The 1st 3 episodes are absolutely amazing. The others are also pretty good, but one or 2 blow big time. Definitely worth buying the DVD. I'm not going to give more details so you have a chance to see Animatrix.
Final Flight of the Osiris kicked a$$!!!

If you liked the Matrix at all than you should check it out... rent it or something. :cool:
Possible spoilers...

He has a name because they showed his tombstone at the end of the ep. I'll have to check it when I go home.
I remembered that the teacher said his name but I couldn't remember what it was.

Mr. Tombstone says... :D
Michael Karl Popper
Beloved Son

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Final Flight of the Osiris was really good, and I saw the first part of The Second Renaissance and enjoyed it too. The Second Renaissance chronicles how the Matrix was created.
Animatrix provided some really good additional info. I couldn't stand the animation on World Record but the story was interesting.