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Animated Models Of Every B5 Ship

Triple F

Some of you might remember I did a fan/tribute site a while back that had a pile of animated models in it. I wasn’t totally happy with it so have made a few changes.

Updated the site so it now includes every ship, seen from the series, crusade and films. It can also now be viewed in firefox & netscape – READ THE FRONT PAGE FOR INFO. You will need a high speed connection to see it at it's best.


By the way if anyone, who’s looked through it first, knows of any ships I’ve missed out give us a shout and let me know.

Cheers – enjoy.

Around 64 of them have (60k) animated gif’s, by-product of the old original version of the site, they’re about avatar size, bit jerky, but up for grabs if anyone wants them. I’ll stick them all together in a basic Zip, should be about 4 Meg worth. Either PM or grab me over at the TMG public forum – more likely to get me there.
Strange, but I can't get the site to work at all in Safari. Haven't tried Firefox yet, though. Shame, I wanted to see the ships, too...

Nice work with the 3D models, they look just like they did on the show! See, I always knew that WB "losing" all of the CGI models of the ships from B5 wouldn't be a big deal, and that if someone tried they could easily reproduce them. The ones on your site look like they could be used in the show. Nice work, and very thorough. I think you have literally every ship ever seen in the show.
There’s 140 actual models (I only made 70 of them – the rest are kicking around the net on various sites – Bits & Bobs section has a list of who did what), and around another 10 or something which only has screen shots (under the MIA) bit, which I didn’t do for one reason or another. Trust me, the ones I did might look good from a distance while rotating, close up is another matter lol. But texturing can hide a multitude of sins.

Deliberately stayed away from doing a lot of made up stats, decided to let the images do most of the talking, like the merging ones used in the episode guide. In there I was going to do a lot of reviews but opted for a very bried overview and a bit of quoting.

Should mention that on the SHIPS PAGE only there is a little icon on the bottom right of the “remote” which accesses the screen shots for the ships, it might disappear off the bottom of the screen depending on the viewable area you have on your browsers, so scroll down to see it.

[edit] sorry about the Safari browser, didn’t get hold of a copy of it to test, take it doesn’t have an IE, emulator type thing on it. Though it will work with your copy of firefox.
Number 6, this is great!

Canon or not, your facts rock. its also good to see all the ISA shipos from Legend of the Rangers (including the Valen and Enfilli) all in one place!


Just an aside, the whole page lists as 'untitled document' in my browser. You may want to stick a <title>html title tag</title> in your html header.
Just one issue so far with your canon debates (which are generally well thought out and humerously done, I've known trekkers who fight like cats over this kind of thing...) is that the effects for Legend of the Rangers were not done by Netter Digital, who had in fact folded by that stage, but by a Canadian company who worked on Stargate (GVFX i think ??). I wonder if they've got the TLT gig....

Source here ...


Either way, that Giant Niall fighter you spotted is taking the p**s...

It's worth noting that most of the B5 models had been lost by Waners, so GVFX had to work from scratch, hence all the new ships (and giant Nialls, and Nialls flying backwards...)
Arrgghhhhh, I could have sworn, I saw the name in . . . . . Arrgghhhhh, bugger.

Thanks for spotting that, will have to change it. Also Thanks for seeing the canon bit for what it is, a bit of light hearted poking at the (very) few who take things just too seriously across the genre as a whole. Not everyone has!!!

I was going to have a individual purely canon section for each of the ships quoting season, episode & time for everything. But it was dry as hell, and there was only enough quotable stuff for around a dozen of the ships so dropped it. Things like the carrying capacity of a crew shuttle (scuttle) is confirmed as being 50 in Babylon squared, but thought, what the hell, a lot of work, for only 4 people to actually read it.

One thing though, it was raised on another forum. All the ships are canon, and actually do appear on the show, i.e. I didn’t make any of them up.

As for the “untitled” thing, I’ve got a couple of things to tweak on it, that, and the LOTR fix will be added.