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Angel (season five spoilers)


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So I've seen all but the latest US episodes... so I think that's up to episode 17, "Underneath".

All I can say is that for a season that on the whole has been bland, bland, bland -- it's just still so boring.

Totally directionless, followed by direction that is just mind numbing. Turn a female character bad or possess her... haven't done that one before! And now lots of foreboding about an apocalypse. Again, yawnsville.

I'm just watching now out of formality until it's over. But a poor last year for Angel, two poor years for Buffy at the end... am I the only one who doesn't care if there's nothing more from the BuffyAngelverse?
No, I'm right there with you. I was a late bloomer to Buffy, and an even later bloomer to Angel. Just around the time I started liking each show, they started to suck.

I would occationally catch some random episodes of Buffy from time to time in the first few years, but I was just interested enough in Buffy season 4 to check out all of season 5. And, Season 5 was definitely the best season. Upon watching repeats, I'd say Season 3 was a close 2nd place.

I barely watched Angel until Season 3 but liked what I saw just enough to catch all of Season 4, which completely sucked. I gave Season 5 a chance at first, but gave up. The main problems with Season 5 were them never totally explaining the reasoning behind Wolfram & Hart's change in leadership, never explaining well enough how Spike got his solidity back, the lack of Cordelia, and the very bad transformation of a major character for lame and overdone reasons.

I missed a few episodes of Angel by accident this season, but when I realized I didn't care too much, and that it was cancelled anyway, I just gave up on the rest.
When i posted my thoughts on this a few months back on a diffrent board almost every one thought Angel should have had more and booed and hissed me but i see now that i was right. Angel is used up & washed out, It's just a pitty they couldn't go out with a bang rather then a whimper.

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