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Angel [probably spoilers]


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Fuckers! I hate websites. I was scanning about, getting reviews for Enterprise... and their review for Angel says "Alas, poor Lilah" giving a probably indication of where *that* episodes gone, especially as they then talk about a death in the show.

I hate this "I've seen it, so fuck everyon else" mentality. *mutters*

Vent over. For now.
Im sorry to hear that. it does suck when someone posts something like that. the only hint i had was in a review that said a regular from last season would die this season. I had it narrowed down to 3 and Lilah wasn't even on my list. But it was a good episode.
Yeah, that's all I know... not how or even what episode. Well, maybe what episode, approximately.

But it doesn't surprise me. Angel is the pits, they don't know what to do with characters anymore. So they do strange things or kill them.
The thing that pisses me off the most is that after the episode, it said another ep of Angel wouldn't be on for 3 weeks. Isn't this February sweeps? Shouldn't they keep going with Angel and not show that damned Lone Ranger movie?
well, they had to show the BoP finale, so that took one week, which was the last week of Feb sweeps (from what i've read)

next week they are showing the Lone Ranger thing to probably just build up anticipation for Faith. (it's working)

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