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"Andromeda"-Waste OF Time


We all agree that B5 is the greatest TV show ever made and it's "lightyears ahead of anything else on TV".Recently a bulgarian channel aired "Andromeda" and I was curious to watch it but it was a HUGE disappointment.The cast is awful, the story arc makes no sense(it's impossible to draw someone out of a black hole-those things have much more mass than the stars and if someone is swallowed by them he is surely dead) and the races are really boring.And this maggog world ship made out of connected planets and an artificial sun is a story for kids.For me it's the worst Sci-Fi TV Show I've ever seen.Not to mention that the stick that Dylan Hunt uses as a weapon is an absolute copy of the Minbari fighting pike and in one of the series the crew visits a rotating space station very similar to B5.
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I think Andromeda had potential, but it very sorely did not live up to it. Part of that has to do with the show's main developer Robert Hewitt Wolfe being edged out and eventually fired from the show somewhere in the mid-to-end of season two time. After that, the show totally crashed hard. Wolfe eventually wrote an "episode" called "Coda" (note: pdf file) that he released on the internet in order to give fans an idea of where he was going to take the show before he got booted.

One of my personal biggest issues with the show, beyond the fact that far too often the plots made little sense, was the dialogue. It's so incredibly sophomoric. It sounds like it's written by someone who thinks they're being super profound and deep and stuff, but the actual words are is nothing but void of all emotion. It's overly pompous and without substance. Also, too often characters jump to conclusions that they totally don't have enough knowledge to actually logically arrive at. It's all just overly pretentious and eyeroll-enducing. I tried to stick it out and watch the show, but I got too tired of it all.
I think Kevin Sorbo might be one of the worst actors ever. That said I agree in that I think the show had potential early on. It did start to follow a story arc that could have been cool, but REALLY fell apart and then it just wandered aimlessly and the overall quality just went from bad to worse.

I really hate to see shows like that stay on the air for years and year, and shows like Firefly only get 15 episodes. Shitty.
Yes I agree considering that Crusade wasn't even finished because of financial problems(or low ratings I'm not quite sure) and The Legend Of The Rangers had only a pilot episode.I think that the worst episodes of B5 and Crusade are much better than the good Andromeda episodes but unfortunately making a Sci-Fi TV show is really expensive.
...Crusade wasn't even finished because of financial problems(or low ratings I'm not quite sure)....

Well, jms said at a convention several years ago:

I want the real truth to come out. Including the fact...I ran into some guys who worked for TNT about two years after Crusade went down. And they said, "Did you ever hear the rest of the story?" JMS: "What rest of the story?" TNT guys: "We found out, we did a research survey, a five year long study of our ratings. This was just after Crusade got going. And, we found out that the audience for B5 came for B5, then left afterward. And the TNT regular viewers didn't stick around for B5 and went away and came back. B5 wasn't adding to our viewer base." So...they decided to pull the plug on Crusade for that reason and use the money to buy another show. But they couldn't say that because they'd be in breach of contract with Warner Bros. So their job was to make it impossible for us so they could then say, "We aren't getting the show we want, our notes aren't being dealt with, therefore we aren't responsible, we're canceling the show, this is your nut Warner Bros., you take care of it." That is why all the notes became so egregious. If I had given them everything they wanted, they still would have pulled the plug. They just wanted out. Yeah, I want that information out there.
It's a pity that JMS's briliant ideas had no support by TNT but I tnink that sooner or later there will be a new tv show about the B5 universe.It would be interesting for example to see something like B5-The Next Generation:).It could happen in the last five years of the station before the end in 2282 with new actors and new story arcs.It would also be interesting to see the young David Sheridan.I am sure that with such a big fanclub someone will eventually decide to make a new show.
Except, alas, B5 doesn't have a big fan club. On the net it's easy to get confused about that, because such a high percentage of people on here are geeks. The Firefly fans got themselves deluded that way. They thought that they alone were enough to make the movie a financial success. They weren't.

Next to Star Trek and the united Whedonists, B5 is fairly small -- and next to shows like "Lost," "House," and "American Idol," we're a drop in the bucket. Even a lot of other geeks don't quite get B5.
There is always that. Just don't expect the masses to rise up and demand more Babylon 5 any time soon.
Going back to Andromeda, I could have handled the cheap FX and the weak writing, but the one thing that sank the show: Kirkules. I couldn't handle Kevin Sorbo's Dylan Hunt, he annoyed the crap out of me. I was kinda fond of most of the rest of cast.

There was one Andromeda episode I really liked, which asked what would have happened if Rhade had killed Dylan and attempted to command Andromeda. I found it a fascinating episode, and while the episode was like Enterprise's "Twilight", in that I was annoyed that the object of the episode was to show that the ship's commanding officer that I despised was in fact necessary, I found it a very good episode.
admiraldave said:
...the one thing that sank the show: Kirkules. I couldn't handle Kevin Sorbo's Dylan Hunt, he annoyed the crap out of me. I was kinda fond of most of the rest of cast.

Yeah, I really disliked Kevin Sorbo in the show. In one of the later episodes, they either thought they were just being glib or they were directly taunting viewers of the show who criticized Dylan Hunt for being little more than Hercules-in-space by having Dylan find a sword and a blond wig stuck in some storage locker on the ship. [eyeroll]

Part of what seems to have been the motivation for ousting Robert Hewitt Wolfe was the other show's bigwigs' desire to have pretty much every story be completely focused on Dylan Hunt, screw the rest of the characters, and Wolfe didn't want to do so. It's then not surprising that Kevin Sorbo became one of the show's executive producers by the end of the show.

I liked other characters, most especially Trance and Rommie. After one season two episode in which Trance is captured by some scientist on a planet and interrogated trying to learn more about her since one of her people had been to their world previously and started many wars amongst the scientist's people, Trance really had a bit of a scary side to her. In the end of the scientist asked her, "Are you some sort of devil?" She replies, "You better hope not." With Trance's people being revealed to be incarnations of stars, and with Wolfe revealing in "Coda" that Trance and her people are called "lightbringers", aka Lucifer, the scientist wasn't that far off. But, of course, with the increasing crapitude of the show, Trance became more and more stupid as the show went on.

It all just became a giant disappointment.
Andromeda WAS a waste of time... I think it's one of the first scifi shows that I've ever just stopped watching.
Andromeda could have been great but they abandoned the whole rebuld the commonwealth theme and the show just lost any reason at all for being. season 3 ,4 and 5 waist of time attention and film.:rolleyes: ruined.

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