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Andromeda Season Finale <SPOILERS>


I've just finished watching the 4th season finale and am a bit confused. I know the writers of Andromeda take liberies when it comes to explaining why things happened, but I'm afraid I'm at a loss here.

The magog worldship FINALLY shows up, but doesn't really do much. There is one magog who gets killed by Rommie before she blows up - but then he's alive again... or is it just twins? Triplets? He seemed to be everywhere. Harper said something about the Rev, but I missed it.

Dylan is suddenly a "paradine" - whatever that is. Okay, I'll go along with it...

Trance blows up the worldship. That I get.

Dylan goes through that cube thingy and meets himself... in another universe? In the past? With a new jacket? WTF?

I'm beginning to think they left it ambiguous on purpose, just in case the show doesn't come back. They effectively killed off everyone except maybe Beka. It's hard to see where they're going with this, unless it's the series finale after all.
Trance blows up the worldship. That I get.

Okay I've not watched Drom since RHW got the sack but WTF? I was surprised that the worldship was even a story line anymore considering the Sorbo-centric direction they took, but Trance just blew it up?
Yeah, it's been revealed that Trance is the avatar of a star, and that somehow one of her abilities being an avatar is to errupt in some kind of star explosion thing.

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