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An introduction and compliments



My name is Sam Kimpton. I'm new to B5LR.com, but not new to B5. I've followed Babylon 5 since before the airing of the pilot episode in February of 1993.

Some of you may know about a Babylon 5 Combat Sim that was being created for the PC. Unfortunately, that game was cancelled, but the fan demand for a B5 game was still strong.

I'm one of the news posters for http://www.firstones.com , a site originally dedicated to the B5 game, but which has now become a general B5 news site.

Feel free to stop by and register in the forums...you can even talk to some of the former developers of the original game.

And I'll be sure to mention B5LR.com at FirstOnes.

Great site...keep up the good work!


Thanks, and welcome!

This topic is best suited to the fandom forum, which is a place to discuss projects and other websites. So I'll move it there now.


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