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"An Evening with Alex Zahara" - 4th April 2009 (Bristol, UK)


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Alex Zahara (Dulann from Legend of the Rangers) is coming to the UK and he'd like to meet up with his fans! He'll be hosting an evening on 4th April 2009 in Bristol, UK (exact location to be revealed later).

Tickets cost £50 and for that you'll get:
- an evening with Alex in a private location for a very limited number of his fans,
- a signed headshot (we're hoping to get a completely new never-before-signed one!),
- and a full buffet dinner.

There'll also be a special extra little gift for the first 10 people to sign up. Tickets are on sale now at the website: http://alexzaharafans.net/evening/ Click on the link to see a message from Alex and to get more information.

I would have liked to gone, but am busy that day.

But I've chatted to Alex in the past via email (I think I interviewed him too), and he's a very nice guy. Would have been good to say hello.

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