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American Idol -- the final four result


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Well, shocks all around (and plenty of boos) for the final four result.

But, in some ways, not surprising. As the weeks have gone on my views on who I liked or disliked skewered and changed. This week's programme continued that way. Watching it, I thought I'd like to see LaToya going... and then she went!

I think with Pop Idol, and now watching American Idol, people do vote for the people they like rather than the best singers. I think this was the ultimate proof. And I am seeing that pattern in myself, in wanting LaToya to go. She seemed snooty, too self-confident. That's just her of course, and some people are just very confident. They don't have to be blubbering wrecks. But I can't help but like Jasmine more this week even though she was a worse singer by far.

But, being objective, one thing that also bothered me about LaToya was the joy factor. Whatever you say about Jasmine, she put her all into it. She enjoyed it. LaToya recites songs, I don't feel she ever really *means* what she's singing. No passion.

But anyway, the final will be interesting! I think I'd like Diana to win, the one I've probably liked most for many weeks. But I really like Phantasia. To me they're very different. It's like white and milk chocolate. I like both, I don't want to just choose one...

Oh, one final thought. Are they fucking sponsored to say the word "America" in the show? It drives me INSANE. It has to be in every sentence.
I too enjoyed this episode but the choice was a bit odd.

Four girls, 2 white and 2 black. Both white girls got through and both black girls were marked as being at risk. Has the Kluge Klux Klan learnt how to use the telephone?
Eugh. You sound as stupid as Elton John.

He said the vote was racist a few weeks back when the bottom three were all black.

But white person after white person has been voted out... that was fine though and no one said. And last week, out of the five, only one was white.

(I don't think Jasmine is white, not sure exactly what she'd be classed as, but then I also think 'who cares?').

I think cool if the last batch is primarily black. Then, by sheer numbers, the chances of black people going are near-certain anyway.

I think this week, Diana was the best. And Jasmine probably sneeked through because she did the crying thing.

To say it's about colour, I think, is just petty to be honest.
To say it's about colour, I think, is just petty to be honest.
I don't think Elton was that far off base. I'm not saying that people weren't voting for contestants because of their color, but rather they were voting for those that they identify with the most -- which may or may not include race. That's the only way you can possibly explain how that goofy untalented redheaded kid stuck around so long ... my body makes noises that sound better than his voice.
He was okay... in his own field of music. And he probably agreed to the granny crowd, I'd say.

The thing is with such votes, they don't necessarily follow logic of "good voices". The UK last few were all white, but there was equally mad voting going on.