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American Gothic


Beyond the rim
Not sure if this belongs here or in B5 Personnel, but just saw this on Empire Online:

One of the finest series ever cancelled after only a season, American Gothic, is to be given a new lease of life on the big screen. The series appeared in 1995 and swiftly won itself a cult fanbase – although not quite swiftly enough to prevent its demise. A film version has now been given the go-ahead after some protracted legal wrangling – but the really good news is that Gary Cole is to return to his role as the demonic Sheriff Lucas Buck.

American Gothic told the story of Caleb, who goes to live with his cousin after a tragedy tears his family apart. The Sheriff in town takes an almost obsessive interest in the boy, and since events often mysteriously, almost magically, go his way, it seems that nothing will keep the boy out of his clutches. The film will be a re-telling of the original story, so we aren't going to give away anything more in case you don't already know.

The godlike Gary Cole is currently appearing in cinemas in Win A Date With Tad Hamilton and has been keeping busy with roles in everything from One Hour Photo and The Brady Bunch to The West Wing. Later this year he will be appearing with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

Despite his busy schedule, he signed up to reprise his role as Sheriff Buck as soon as he heard that the film version had been given the green light. Sam Raimi, who produced the series, is apparently considering directing the movie, while other original cast members Brenda Bakke, Nick Searcy and Jake Weber have also climbed aboard. Unfortunately Lucas Black, who played Caleb, is now too old for the part, so much of the success of the film will depend on finding an equally talented, and thickly accented, teenage replacement.

If Raimi does direct, this will probably be his break from Spider-Man, between this year's release of the first sequel, and the beginning of production on the second for a 2007 release, so we can hope to see this late next year or early in 2006. For fans of ghostly-horror-suspense, the countdown starts here.

I am SO hoping this is true!!!
Ok, I'm biased about Gary Cole, but yes, I think it's a very good show. Well written, very black humour at times, and wonderfully acted. It got a little too 'soap-opera' toward the end of the series, but it was always saved by the charming malice of the lead character, Lucas Buck, manipulator extraordinary :)
I read this to, but i can't remember where. Is Hollywood currently trying to turn old genre series into movies?
First Fire-fly, now this!!
That really is good news - I really enjoyed the series :) I have been hoping that it get a DVD release but I've not seen it anywhere.
It's never been released on DVD, because of the same legal wrangles as are mentioned in the article :(

When I asked Gary Cole about the rumours of an American Gothic movie last August, he said he thought a big step in the right direction would be getting the DVDs released. Well, it looks as if we could get them the other way round :D
Strange, yes, but brilliantly written and acted :D

The problem is that it turns out Empire had it completely wrong. No American Gothic movie just yet :(
American Gothic is the perfect example of a great idea / show / acting / series that gets the shaft because most people in America have the attention span of a grain of rice. I put it in company with My So Called Life, and Freaks and Geeks. I haven't seen all the shows, but what I have seen is awesome. If there was another reason to interest me in Crusade (besides it being a B5 deal) is Gary Cole. An under-rated actor in a business full of arse-hats that aren't worth the film their images are printed on.
most people in America have the attention span of a grain of rice

It's odd, from my perspective, honestly. I have ADHD, and as such, my attention is easily distractible. However! I prefer my movies and tv to be written such that I have to think. I like depth, and I have no problem with parrying off my inability to focus for a story if it's good enough and deep enough. But then, maybe my enjoying thinking (go Libra!) has something to do with my enjoying stories of depth; I think way too many people in this country just don't like to think.
Hehehe, I have ADD (not the ADHD that you have.) It affects people in different ways. With me, I need to be doing 12 things at once or when people are talking, I can't follow along sometimes because my mind is simply going 1000 miles an hour. When it comes to television or film, I am almost the opposite. I block everything out somtimes that I don't hear people around me asking questions or talking to me. I've always needed visual above audio, though. So maybe that's something to do with it.

I've met people w/o ADD or ADHD and have seen them fidget in movies where scenes take their time to progress. They want instant gratification. I guess that's why they could never get into things like Babylon 5. It literally takes 4-5 years for some storys to resolve. Maybe it's not attention span I should be griping about... maybe it's the fact that so many people want things right now and if they don't get it, by God there'll be hell to pay.

As I said on the WB board, people who think B5 is "boring" or "hard to get into"... well, they're saying more about themselves than they do about the show.

Lastly, nice to know there's another ADD / ADHD person out there in the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one in the world w/that problem. /hug


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