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American Gothic - on DVD (R1) October 25

Excellent creepy series. Not sure if it had a conclusion as I haven't seen it all the way through, but, what I've seen has an arc running through it.

And of course, It's a Gary Cole series.
And here I thought the first reply would be Demons. :eek: :LOL:

With Universal releasing American Gothic and Kolchak: The Night Stalker (TV Series) on DVD, wonder how long it'll be before Warner Bros. wakes up and releases Brimstone?

As of Aug. 10, 2005:

Brimstone (1998)

Date added to database: 10/07/2001
DVD Rights owned/licensed by: Warner Bros. Home Video
(correct this info)
More information: The Internet Movie Database (IMDB)
Show Categories: Drama, Horror

Voting Results

Unreleased Rank: 121st
Overall Rank: 237th
Season Set: 1190 (100%)
Best of: 149 (13%)
Individual Episodes: 190 (16%)
Total Number of Voters: 1190

Someone's at the door! :D

[after hitting a mobster in the back of the head with a shovel]
"These things have a thousand uses!" - Sheriff Lucas Buck

Time to preorder the box set.
And here I thought the first reply would be Demons. :eek: :LOL:

I was out for a couple of nights and only just got time to get on line :)

And yes, I'm doing cartwheels down the road now I'm finally going to get my beloved Sheriff on professional quality DVD with deleted scenes, too!

All guilt is relative. Loyalty counts. And never let your conscience be your guide

Lucas Buck
The DVD's are available for pre-order on Amazon :D

American Gothic on Amazon

If you've never seen it, take a chance! This is one of the best written series ever to come out of the US. It's spooky, dark, funny, sexy and mysterious. And that's just the Sheriff ;)
And it was created by one of the Hardy boys who is also Keith Partidge's half brother. Just goes to show, you never know where talent can spring from.

I loved this show and hated that it was cancelled. I'm ellated that it's finally being released.

Now, if FOX will get off their asses and release SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND.


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