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American Dad = Family Guy II ?


I watched this after Family Guy's return. I admit I liked last night's episode better than its original premier after the Superbowl. I thought it was funny in a lot of places. But I couldn't shake the feeling that I was watching Family Guy with slightly different (but similar) characters. The only difference I see is that American Dad tries to be more political?

It was funny, but more of the same IMO. Not sure what to think about this yet...

Any other thoughts?
Yeah, I see it as a weaker version of Family Guy. The characters aren't as interesting, the plots seem thinner. Also, one of my favourite things in Family Guy are the bizarre non sequiteurs, and the absence of them in American Dad really weakens the show for me.
A friend of mine and I caught a snippet of this and basically went down the list: "That's Stewie... that's Chris without the hat... that's Meg, only a touch more self-assured...."
Yeah but it's still another avenue for McFarland's humor. I just hope he doesn't break down from two shows.

I guess I'll take a somewhat weaker yet more political Family Guy over just about anything else out there.

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