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Amazing Stories


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Does anyone know where you can get the Amazing Stories short stories that JMS indicated he would be writing as a follow up to Objects in Rest?

Where to get them - maybe eBay, unless someone here has a better idea?

In any case, there were six stories published altogether, four of them by JMS, and they appeared in the following magazines:

Shadow of His Thoughts, JMS, Amazing Stories, #597
Genius Loci, JMS, Amazing Stories #599
Time, Space and the Incurable Romantic, JMS, Amazing Stories, #602
Hidden Agendas, JMS, The Official Babylon 5 Magazine, #22
True Seeker, Fiona Avery, The Official Babylon 5 Magazine, #23
Nautilus Coil, J. Gregory Keyes, The Official Babylon 5 Magazine, #24

There has also been some talk of Del Rey possibly publishing them in an anthology book but that would need some new stories being written in addition, and I suppose that even if something comes out of it, it will take a while - although that's something I'd really love to have!

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Ohh, thank you very much for posting that, Kribu. I never knew all of the names before. *makes notes* I hope there is an anthology made. Back issues are really hard to find of those mags, unless you're at a convention of some sort...which I haven't been to one of those in years. *sighs*

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Now that is something I would like to have if Del Rey decides to publish them as I have had no luck in finding them .

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Shaal Mayan:
Now that is something I would like to have if Del Rey decides to publish them as I have had no luck in finding them .


If you want to increase the chances of DelRey actually doing something about this, write to this guy and indicate that you want them:

Steve Saffel


Del Rey Books
Steve Saffel, Senior Editor
1540 Broadway
NY, NY 10036-4040 USA

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