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Amazing Spider-Man #36 Now Availible Online Free


"Due to an outpouring of requests by readers to see AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #36, the story exploring the wall-crawler's reaction to the horrific events of September 11th, we've turned the sold-out issue into the latest Marvel DotComic!

To read this special Marvel DotComic, readers need only to go to Marvel.com, click on the DotComics link, and then click on the Members Section link!"

BTW, when you open the dotcomic.exe make sure when the window opens you hit update at the bottom of the screen, then issue #36 is added....

"Faith Manages"

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I liked story. It is a mixture of sadness, anger, hope and determination.

Translate it into Arabic and distribute copies across the Middle East. They may begin to understand what is going on.

Andrew Swallow

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