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Allright, your fave episode of each of the 5 seasons

What's your favorite episode in each season? and why?

Mine are:
Season One: "Infection"- I love anything written by DC Fontana, so that's a plus. I just liked the way Garibaldi and Sinclair were written in this episode. Also, the Icaran civilization and weaponry were interesting.

Season Two: "The Coming of Shadows"--
Sooo much happens in this ep. It's just so awesome. I bought Zathras the autographed script as a present one Christmas. Hey, it won a Hugo award for crying out loud.

Season Three: "War Without End"---I count this as one ep. I love time travel, and having Sinclair back was stellar! I still have trouble wrapping my brain around this one sometimes (to steal a line from the great maker!) Also, after reading over "The Babylon 5 that never was" I am shocked as to how JMS tied it all up in this ep. Good Stuff!

Season Four: "Into the Fire"---The end of the Shadow War, for me was amazing. I'm running out of superlative words here, but this episode with Sheridan denying to make a choice, and having that be the right choice was startling, and a huge epiphane for me. There's always another way.

Season Five: "The Fall of Centauri Prime"---I haven't seen "Sleeping in Light" yet so this may change, but the scene where G'Kar forgives Londo is enough to make this ep the best of year 5. Amazing, simply amazing.

Well, what about you? Favorites?

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My turn, eh? Okay. *L*

Season 1

"Chrysalis" - I just really liked the character interaction in this ep. Its a wonderful way to end an ep with Garibaldi getting nearly killed by his assistant, and then the announcement of Sinclair's engagement, and finally, this was the ep that set up the seasons that follow with how Santiago is killed and Clark takes over.

Season 2

"Points of Departure" - The first Sheridan ep, and a bit of a throw-off for everyone. I -love- it!

Season 3

"Voices of Authority" - The scene between Sheridan and Julie Mausante, and then Ivanova popping up, this is great stuff!! And then Ivanova's trying to convince one of the "First Ones." Wonderful ep!!

Season 4

"Between the Darkness and the Light" - One of the saddest eps, for me, during this season, but I think it was one of the best. Even with knowing what happens, I still feel a sense of dread when I see Marcus trying to rescue Ivanova, and then in the scene where Ivanova is speaking to Sheridan...It's just so sad.

Season 5

"Sleeping in Light" - Not technically fifth season kinda/sorta (it was made during the fourth, just played in the fifth). It is a really nice ending to the show. Again, this one was very depressing for me. I just see that some of the best eps I've seen, are the ones that make me feel the worst.

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Season One: Born to The Purple - It was the first ep that I didn't find predictible. It not only took the whole Londo/Adira romance in a completely unexpected direction, it also set up, and delivered on five separate different sets of conflict. On top of that, it was the first ep to give a glimmer of what the Centauri had been in their prime. When it was over, I was hooked!

Season Two: Geometry Of Shadows - Technomages, need I say more?

Season Three: The return of Sinclair plus Babylon 4, Zathras and some of the most convoluted storytelling to ever be successfully pulled off (not to mention some whacked dialogue from Zathra).

Season Four: Endgame - the perfect example of selfless love: Marcus sacrifices himself to save Ivanova.

Season Five: (Tie) A View From The Gallery and Day Of The Dead - the two eps that take the most chances in terms of storytelling and the two eps that feature the best overall instances of characterization in the season.

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Season 1:
Signs and Portents. This was the episode that made me decide to continue watching the rest of the series.

Season 2:
In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum. Great episode. We learned so much. Plus Vir is the first person to stand up to Morden in this episode.

Season 3:
War Without End Part 2. What can I say? The return of Sinclair and lots of little revelations.

Season 4:
This is hard! Every episode was great. But I'll say Rising Star.

Season 5:
This is also hard. I'll say the Fall of Centauri Prime.

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Vir - In The Shadow of Z' HA Dum
Ive only watched the first 1 1/2 seasons so

Season 1- I have 2. Babylon Squared because I found the end of the episode shocking. I look forward to see how it plays out in those future episodes. Chrysalis without a doubt because G'kar knew something was up on the Rim and went to find out, delenn went into a cacoon, Londo was turning to the dark side, and G-man was on his death bed. Hows that for exciting TV :)

Season 2-So far I would have to say Points of Departure/Revalations. Sheridan comes aboard and they continue the other story lines of G'kars discovery, delens new look, Lenniar telling Ivonava and Sheridan about what really happened at battle of the line, and Franklin uses that cool alien tech from season 1 to save g-man.

This is the only show other then one other that i liked every episode. Each one flows intot he next. Even if a episode isnt focused on the major overall arc there is always a hint at it. For example In the Long dark was a alien attack story, except for the fact that one of the alien ambassadors talked about a dark force, and at the end we found out that alien was headed for the Rim.
Very good stuff


DS9 and B5. Who would have thought 2 of my fav shows would take place on stations in the middle of nowhere :)
This isn't easy - there were so many good ones.

Season 1
By Any Means Necessary (closely followed by Babylon Squared, Mind War, etc.)

This is very gritty, and "real". I grew up in coal-mining country in the US, so I know unions. Even though they pronounced "Matewan" wrong.

Season 2
"The Fall of Night"

Nightwatch really starting to rear it's ugly head.

Season 3
Eep! This is nearly impossible. So many good ones. Um... "And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place"

Season 4
"Deconstruction of Falling Stars"

A tantalizing peek into the future. Especially the +1000 segment, with Brother/Ranger Alwyn. (Alwyn=old friend. See a trend here? ;> )

Season 5
"Sleeping In Light"

'Nuff said.


Season one: "Chrysalis". Things get kicked into high gear. What about Delenn? Michael near death. This mysterious alien vessels helping Londo out. All very cool, and suspenseful.

Season two: "The Fall of Night". Kosh saves Sheridan. A stunning scene, that alone makes the episode worth it. That, and Sheridan's talking to himself about he "was sorry to wait so long before blowing the Centauri vessel straight to Hell."

Season three: The War Without End two-parter. 'nuff said.

Season four: "The Summoning." Sheridan's line about ending the war, "Not just for now, not just for the next thousand years, but forever."

Season five: Sleeping in Light. The end. Nothing will be the same.

I have a LOT of favorites. These are just a few examples. It's like trying to pick a favorite child.

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Well this is hard
Season 1-Chrysalis-Delenn starts her change,Garibaldi uncovers the assination plot but is unable to prevent it and when it finished you had to wait for next season
Season 2-A fall of Night- We see B5 weapons and starfuries take out a Primus battlecruiser and Kosh saves Sheriden.
Season 3- Severed Dreams-What more can I say earth ship vs earth ship in stunning cgi.Action packed througout the episode as B5 declares independance from a corrupt government and Sheridens relationship with Delenn really sparkles.
Season 4- Endgame-Once again stunning visuals and action packed with Sheridens forces liberationg earth.
Season 5 -Sleeping in Light-
So sad in many ways..

Emporer Turhan-"How will this end"
Kosh-"In fire"
Season 1: Signs and Portents
Season 2: The Coming of Shadows
Season 3: Messages From Earth/Point of No Return/Severed Dreams
Season 4: The Face of the Enemy
Season 5: Sleeping in Light
Crusade: Visitors From Down the Street

Yeah, that'd be greeeat. --Bill Lumbergh
1) "Babylon Squared" (First app. of Zathras)

2) "The Long Twilight Struggle" (Very emotional and pivitol. G'Kar's turmoil and Londo's remorse were very powerful. And Sheridan finds out about the Rangers.)

3) "War Without End" (I love the way it ties up so many of the shows mysteries.)

4) "The Destruction of Falling Stars" (Great premise. What will the future say about the present?)

5) "Sleeping In Light" (So touching. A great ending.)

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Mr. Morden:
"Infection"- I love anything written by DC Fontana<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Infection was
jms. Fontana wrote The War Prayer, Legacies and A Distant Star.
S1: Babylon Squared. Without "War Without End" this wouldn't be near the top, but continuity makes this ep really cool. Chrysalis is a close second.

S2: The Coming of Shadows. As has been previously said, a lot happens here. Beginning of a war, Rangers, Sinclair, Shadows. Lotsa goodies.

S3: Severed Dreams. B5 seceeding was probably my most memorable moment of B5. The Minbari coming to B5's defense is also pretty darn cool, considering they might have to surrender.

S4: Endgame. Action-packed end of civil war. Clark eats gun. Clark takes on Scorched Earth policy.

S5: Fall of Centauri Prime. Powerful stuff. Poor Londo. Centauri Prime in ruins. Also can't go wrong with SiL.

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Sheridan: Thank you, I feel so much better now.
Here goes:

S1: Mind War & Babylon Squared

S2: All Alone in the Night (honorable mention to There All the Honor Lies)

S3: War Without End (honorable mention to Interludes and Examinations - poor ol' Kosh)

S4: Deconstruction of Falling Stars (though killing Vorlons in Falling Toward Apotheosis was definately worth seeing over and over)

S5: Sleeping in Light ( but man I really love Learning Curve - "Morta Dum" - HA! )

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Season 1 - "Signs & Portents"
the episode that got me back into B5 after losing interest after the first couple of episodes. The introduction of one of the best bad guys ever Mr Morden, fantastic.

Season 2 - "In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum"
Morden and Sheridan squaring off, what more could you ask for ?? I'll admit though, "Confessions & Lamentations" and "Comes the Inquisitor" both pushed it pretty close. The final six episodes of season two remain some of the series' best.

Season 3 - "Severed Dreams"
Finally B5 Seceding from the Earth Alliance, finally tipping their hand to Clarke. The best battle of the series coinciding with the irony that it's Human against Human. The mid point of the series celebrated with one of the show's strongest and best episodes.

Season 4 - "Endgame"
The whole "Retaking Earth" arc completely overshadowed (pardon the pun) the conclusion to the Shadow War. Although Both "Into the Fire" and "Whatever Happened to Mr Garibaldi" were great too (the end scene where Sheridan jumps into the abyss is a series highlight - great stuff).

Season 5 - "Sleeping in Light"
Although the final six episodes were all candidates, SL is the finest episode of the series. What more could you ask for ?? Finality for everyone, including the station. When anyone asks me the finest moment in B5 it's the scene where they leave the station for the final time and it's subsequent destruction perfectly accompanied by Christopher Franke's superb score.

Here's my picks...

Season One:
"Crysalis" - Talk about a WHAM episode... this one took the entire Babylon 5 universe and turned it on its head. That definitely took guts on JMS' part. I remember being completely stunned by this episode.

Season Two:
"The Coming of Shadows" - While "Comes the Inquisitor" is still one of my favorites, CoS is probably better all around. Season Two had quite a few good episodes, but this one had a great space battle, some excellent character work, and a plot that really gave it a sense of urgency and foreboding. JMS at his best.

Season Three
"Severed Dreams" - Another Hugo winner, and deservedly so. The tension throughout this episode is excellent, and it's balls-to-the-wall all the way through. However, those ending moments showing the casualties of the battle helped give some perspective to the what Sheridan was fighting for.

Season Four
"No Surrender No Retreat" - Another tension-filled episode with Sheridan fighting against his own people. The first line said it all - "Enough is enough." Another major turning point for the arc.

Season Five
"Day of the Dead" - Neil Gaiman elevating what was a farily mediocre season with his wit and character development skills. We learn more about Lochley in two words than we had in all the episodes preceding it. That's what good writing's about. I highly recommend buying the script for this episode - it benefits the Comic Book Author's Legal Defense Fund and has some interesting and illuminating notes from Mr. Gaiman himself.

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Season One: Babylon Squared (SO many unanswered questions!)
Season Two: The Fall of Night
Season Three: Shadow Dancing
Season Four: Into the Fire, The Deconstruction of Falling Stars, Endgame, and Rising Star all tie for this honor... I literally cannot choose a favorite among the four.
Season Five: Objects at Rest... easier to watch than SiL, and really gives the viewer that "life DOES go on" sense... closure sometimes isn't the best thing.

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Season 1
two things made that episode for me
1)EF1 is destroyed, and ou know something really bad has happened
2)Kosh: "And so it begins...You have forgotten somehing."

Season 2
The Long Twilight Struggle
G'kar's expulsion from the Council chaber was heart wrenching

Season 3
Severed Dreams
Need I say more

Season 4
Rising Star
Besides being named after one of the world's best comics, I generally consider this to be B5's real series finale.

Season 5
Objects at rest
I generally disliked season 5 since it really was more of a supplement to the series and did not add anything significant. This episode however was moving. Sheridan's departure and seeing the new crew was very moving.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by EarthForceOne:

Season 5
Objects at rest
I generally disliked season 5 since it really was more of a supplement to the series and did not add anything significant. This episode however was moving. Sheridan's departure and seeing the new crew was very moving.


Er, actually, Season Five's storyline was already *written*, in more or less similar form, all the way back circa 1986-87. (For instance, if you read the "Babylon 5" Series Bible, you'll see what I mean, particularly the timeline given in it and Lyta's "future" arcs.)

Anyways, here are my picks for the best eps in each year (or book) of the series...many of whom, rather, have already been named a number of times, but what the hell:



"Mind War," "And the Sky Full of Stars," "Signs and Portents," "Babylon Squared" and "Chrysalis" -- Obviously, the series itself picked up great momentum following "And the Sky...," and these episodes represent the culmination of this trend, with some awesome storyline hints and bombshells dropped hither, thither and yon.


"The Coming of Shadows," "In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum," "Confessions and Lamentations," "The Long, Twilight Struggle," "Comes the Inquisitor," and "The Fall of Night" -- All staggering achievements, as the Hugo Award statue in JMS's bedroom will attest. We knew that the shit was gonna go down hard after this. Honorable Mention: "Divided Loyalties," for letting Andrea Thompson have a non-shrieking role.


The "Messages From Earth" Trilogy, "War Without End, Parts I & II," and "Z'ha'dum" -- Storytelling perfection at its absolute height. Practically unmatched anywhere else in the series. The finale leaves you with cold sweats after seeing it.


"Moments of Transition," "No Surrender, No Retreat," "The Face of the Enemy," "Endgame," "Rising Star," and "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars" -- If I were to be tied down to a table with electrodes strapped onto my googlies, I would probably select "Moments" as the finest episode of this season, but I cannot dismiss all of these other stories, either. Particularly whenever William Edgars is onscreen. The ending to this season is something ripped off less than one season later on "Star Trek: Voyager"...oh, wait, then again, so was everything from the middle part of "DS9"'s fifth season all the way to its finale. Stupid me for forgetting.


"The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari," "Day of the Dead," "Phoenix Rising," "The Fall of Centauri Prime," "Objects at Rest," and (duhhh) "Sleeping in Light" -- A terrific ending for the greatest science-fiction series produced since the 1960s (and "Doctor Who" and "The Young Ones" in England). Lots of character-driven tales, and the final episode...oh, man, can't talk about it here...it even got to l'il me, the hardass case...


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So many eps to choose from:

Season 1: Legacies... **sigh!!** the first Neroon ep

Season 2: Tie between Points of Departure and All Alone in the Night (Neroon rips Delenn a new one... GO NEROON!!)

Season 3: Severed Dreams with honourable mention going to Grey 17 is Missing (the Special Edition, Neroon only cut of course

Season 4: Atonement

Season 5: The Corps is Mother; The Corps is Father


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1) Deathwalker.
Good politics and Deathwalker was very well portrayed.

2) In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum.
The truths begin to emerge, and looking retroactively we get a hint of how the Vorlons manipulated the Minbari.

3) Interludes and Examinations.
Kosh finally puts his money where his mouth is &
Shadow Dancing.
Classic from beginning to end.

4) Falling Towards Apotheosis.
The future is set.

5) Sleeping in Light.
The future arrives.


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