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All Souls Day


SciFi channel has an "Undead" movie on Saturday at 9pm, called All Souls Day. Anybody gonna be watching it?

I'm not holding much hope for it, but will at least check it out. Zombie movies are great.

Just recently got one called Zombiez, that was terrible, it totally veered off of George Romero's universe, the Zombies apparently were made that way by VooDoo, they're smart and attack with weapons. Slow moving though, and 1 1/2 of my life I'll never get back. The new George Romero coming out at theatres on the 24th (Land of the dead, 4th in the Night of the Living Dead Series) looks to be really good though.
I plan on watching it, but I tend to watch every movie on Sci-Fi. This one almost looks good, though. Not GOOD good, but acceptable "I didn't just waste two hours" good.