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Aliens Spoil


I don't know which Alien movie this one is..its the one with Winnona. anyway, its like about the 3rd time i am trying to watch it but keep losing interest...

so to who ever is an alien movie fan, tell me,
why does that ONE black dude have to carry the white dude?

i think alien sucked so i dunno y i am watching this one.
I don't know why you're watching it, either. I think I gave up before you did because I have no idea what you're talking about.
He's talking about Alien Resurection, the fourth and (so far) final movie of the Alien series. It is set long after the third one (in which Sigourney Weaver's Ripley character dies). In this one Weaver plays a gene-spliced clone of Ripley, with some "alien" DNA mixed in.

To answer the question:
You must not have seen the beginning of the movie. That white guy is a parapalegic, confined to an electric wheel chair. I just saw a few minutes of the showing that you were probably watching on some basic cable channel. It has been quite a while since I saw the whole thing (probably since it was in theaters, that is *not* the best of the Alien series) so I don't remember the exact circumstances that forced them to abandon the wheel chair.
IIRC, he had to abandon it when they had to go for a swim.

Yes, A:R was definitely not the shining point of the series, although I think the worst of the bunch still is Alien^3. A:R, by contrast, was a movie with good actors and a few good lines but mostly a really bad, shoddy premise and plot. Oh well.

By contrast, the first two just absolutely kick a$$. Aliens is still one of my fav's of all time.

Not that my opinion counts for much, but hey.

(P.S. to keep this post useful, anybody read the interview where Ridley Scott admitted #3 and #4 sucked and that he's thinking of returning to the series and actually (gasp!) exploring where the aliens came from?? What an amazing freakin concept...someone actually remembered that the aliens weren't from LV426! End rant.)
well on Sci fi, they are showing Alien and Alien reserection on thurs starting at 6pm

ok, yea, i only saw the ending...i didn't figure i really NEEDED to see the begining..it looked the same as Alien.

but that whole bonding with the Alien and sigorney is ICKY! whats up with that>???

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