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Alias taking an interesting turn


(warning: spoilers through Sunday's ep. [in the US])

I've never posted here, but I'm dead bored and I'm wandering the net thinking about good TV.

I don't know how many Alias fans are out there, but the last episode made me think of B5. Just the sense of impending doom, of something immense beginning to surface.

The man (Conrad) in a Buddhist temple hands Sloane a Rambaldi manuscript, and this counts as an apocaylpytic event? I've got goosebumps. I feel like the season finale is going to be the Alias equivalent of "In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum" -- mysteries explained and the enemy unmasked.

Considering how trivial most TV shows are these days, with the B5 franchise stalled, Star Trek in a downward spiral, and Buffy going off the air, I am deeply relieved that Alias is ready to tackle big and dangerous themes. Not exactly SciFi, but darn good TV in an era when we're drowning in ridiculousness.

Any thoughts?
I'm really loving Alias right now, it's so layered and complex, it completely trounces most of the boring, middle-of-the-road excuses for tv today.

I adore the whole Rambaldi sub-plot that they are slowly building up. It gives the show a great mythological feel, and I'm getting the feeling that they will bring it to the forefront more and more.

It doesn't hurt that the cast is absolutely smoking hot! In both the looks and talent department.
And tonight the fecal material hits the oscilating blades; another "kick over all the tables" episode. I've heard rumors; I'm not sure what we'll think of the show after 10PM (for me) tonight.
And we now know... nothing.

What the hell is going on?

I haven't felt like this since I saw "Z'ha'dum."
:eek: :eek: :eek:
My jaw? On the frickin' floor. D'amn I did not see that coming. J.J.! You got a lotta 'splainin' to do, young man!
Hey, we still get to keep Sark though, right? I promise to feed him and walk him every day. Pleeeeease ;)
I wouldn't worry too much. JJ knows where his bread's buttered -- if he antagonizes the romantics, he loses a ton of his audience.
I just got around to watching the 2hr season finale and I wish the same info was packed into one hour instead. :p It was terribly predictable for my husband and I for most of those two hours ... at least until the very end which was an interesting twist! I am very curious how they will explain that little surprise. ;)

Yes, it certainly doesn't hurt that the cast is smoking hot. :D
I just love the fact that despite the fact that the finale really gave us so many questions, and really no answers at all, I somehow came away feeling completely satisfied.

Sure, that would be satisfied in a WTF!??? type way, but still... Thoroughly enjoyable. I especially love the way JJ is going to let all the Syd/Vaughn shippers stew over what that ring means for the whole summer! Bwahahah!