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Alias S3 renewal


More news from SFTV News list and this time about a show I actually watch.
Too bad I don't watch the other shows (or have even heard of some) on the renewal list below.

<font color="orange">It's like the moment I submit something I get another juicy piece of news today. In ABC's late Wednesday press release the network announced it has renewed "Alias" for a third season. In fact quite a few series were picked up: "Eight Simple Rules," "According to Jim," "Less Than Perfect," "The George Lopez Show," "Life With Bonnie," "My Wife and Kids," "America's Funniest Home Videos" and "The Bachelor." The series join previous pickup "N.Y.P.D. Blue."


Brian Ford Sullivan
The Futon Critic
http://www.thefutoncritic.com </font color>
::hops:: Phew, at least one of my shows is surviving another year!
Yay. Great news. I think they want to hold on to Jennifer Garner more than anything.
It isnt that show , Where that girl (Who goes to college) Is also a cia operative on the side ... is that the show i am thinking of ?? I thought it was a bit daft
Good news, I like Alias.

Alias It isnt that show , Where that girl (Who goes to college) Is also a cia operative on the side ... is that the show i am thinking of ?? I thought it was a bit daft
Thats the one. Yes it is a bit silly and I do not know where it is going.
Well, I wasn't sure I would like it when I first started watching it but it has grown on me. I think Jennifer Garner really makes a huge impact on the show even if it is a bit unbelievable at times.

I have a weakness for women who kick ass ... Wonder Woman (Ching! Ching!) ... Xena (Aiiiiiieeeeeaaaah) ... Lyta (in her own Vorlonic way).
It is a bit daft... but it's one of those rare shows where I don't really care just how unbelievable the story is, it's just so exciting and high on adrenaline that it's completely hooked me.

Mind you, I've only seen the first season and the first ep of S2 so far.
Yeah, the plot can get a little crazy. But I tend to think of it as daft in a fun way, rather than a stupid way.

Plus the characters are excellent, they're enough to pull you through some of the more insane stuff. The bad-guys are never just evil for the sake of being evil, there's always justification, and moments when you feel sorry for them. I mean when you have people like Lena Olin, Victor Garber and Ron Rifkin in your cast, you know you can write anything and it will sound good.

Plus, I have to say, while it may be a little more glossy that 24, I certainly don't find it anymore daft than the plots in that show. They're both crazy shows, just also very enjoyable.

There, that's my little "recruit more Alias fans" speech! But seriously, I want more people to "get" this show. I think it's excellent, and I think if you watch a couple of episodes, you'll enjoy it too.
Although not at the levels of Austin Powers, I think it's aware of its own stupidity though. It's meant to be more Charlie's Angels rather than hard-hitting spy drama. As long as it knows that I'm fine with that.

I mean the end of season one... it's almost going sci-fi!
If you thought season one was good, just wait, season two is even better.

The show is a little bit like the Avengers.

Avengers and Alias both had a hint of SCIFI. Which is more than I can say about the SciFi channel.

...mmm good looking female secret agent in tight leather...

IMO you can't go wrong with that!
I think it's that, while able to laugh at itself, and know not to take itself too seriously, it's never campy. ::nods::

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