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Alex Zahara on Young Blades with Bruce Boxleitner!

Hey everybody, hope your holidays went well and everyone had a great time! Just thought I'd let you know that I am doing an episode of Young Blades with Bruce Boxleitner. It is a new take on the Musketeers, he plays Captain Duvall and I am playing the evil Duke de Faure. I have a bit of a gambling problem and I am seducing the Queen played by Sheena Easton. First day went great, Sheena is a lot of fun and the cast so far seems wonderful, I will hopefully meet Mr. B very soon, I am excited to meet him. Well that's my update and I have to be up in 6 hours so night, night! Be well and catch you later. All the best...Alex ;)
Hey there, hope you had a great holiday too. Excellent news with Young Blades. Hope you're having fun. Let us know how the rest of it goes. ;)