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I'd say the question isn't "If?" but rather, is the site supposed to be using cont*ntlink, or has it been hacked?

If this is Antony's way of trying to make the board pay for itself, I don't begrudge him that, even though it makes active words very hard to read. But, if this is a hack, I say Damn their eyes, and away with them!
Ok, I thought I had been hijacked myself and then I saw this thread. Yeah, the colors are blue on blue. It scares me . . . same as 11 year old girls' myspace sites with anime themes.

If it's to pay for the board, that's fine. I am just glad I'm not nuts . . .or infected . . . or both.
Yeah, sorry I should have warned first considering recent events.

It's something I'm trialling, to make a few $$$. :)

I can change the link color.
Okay. I just seem to recall that we went a bit overboard on the ads one time, and Google yanked them because they thought we were cheating.
Yeah, don't go clicky mad. :D

I wonder if it's because I clicked my own links. Sometimes I would genuinely want to visit a site, but that's a no -no.
Why is there a soft porn ad in one of the B5 forums ? I'm not complaining, and its obviously spam, but it is a bit more welcome than all that herbal drug stuff.

Can they just spam some porn in NC 17 instead ? Although obviously, clicking = trojans ....
There have been multiple porn spams overnight plus multiple other forms of spam. Checking my forums for spam is the first thing I do when I swing by the board now. I think overnight I cleared out nine or ten spam posts. It's kind of crazy.
Yes, I delete and ban at least a dozen spammers a day now as well. A bit annoying - can't really deal with the porn posters at work!
I've been tightening the controls against spammers on the other boards i run, and I will be integrating those new things here. That should cut back on spammers.