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Account removal: how long can it take?




Just a short question. After I have submitted a request for removal of my account via www.b5tv.com/remove.php -- how long does it take for my account to get removed? Initially I suspected, perhaps a day. Now its seems, perhaps two weeks?

Alternatively, is this another place where one cannot get one's account deleted by request only -- where spamming the administrator is also needed? I'm too lazy to send my request for a third time, just to ascertain it has reached the bit bucket.

Hence my question. I would appreciate an anwer, and removal of my account within reasonable time. If that is not possible or feasible, why remind people about this option?

Thanks in advance.
The account removals will take place before the next mailout. That may be a week, that may be 3 months.

It is irrelevant, however. The account was here 1 week ago, it was here a year ago. Its only use comes into effect if a) I mail out to users, or b) the user posts.

I wouldn't have thought b) would have happened, after all if you're leaving... posting contradicts that very notion.

So a) is in effect, and users will be removed before a) occurs.