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According to Gate World Don Davis (General Hamond passed away)

That's terrible!:(

He did a great job as General Hamond as well as many other military roles, perhaps because he used to be a captain in the US Army.
He also played Scully's father (in one episode in which, ironically, he passed away) in X-Files Season 1. I believe his charcter/her father was also in the military. Navy I think. So he definitely had the military roles down. :)
Very sad loss. He was also a talented artist and did you know that he played Dana Elcar's body double on MacGyver? So he and RDA go back a long way.
I had the pleasure to meet him at a con a few years ago. He was really a stand up guy. He had an interesting and diverse life too, doing not only acting but doing painting and scupture too. I remember him telling an interesting story about how he got started. He was in a stage production and they needed somone who could lift up one of the dancers in one of the songs, and he was the only person involved who was strong enough, so he got to be in the play and learn some dance steps.