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A portent? (Friends DVDs through B5 DVDs)



I just wonder if the information at the link tells us anything about how Warners might handle the Babylon 5 DVDs. Any ideas? Insights? Predictions?

I know, it's vague basing stuff around DVDs of a long-running half-hour sitcom, but, still. I wonder if it tells us anything about how Warners and their minds work.
Well, you're assuming that a) they have minds and b) that said minds work in some fashion. Experience suggests that you may be on shaky ground, here.

But yes, I actually do believe that the Friends set might be an indication of how they will handle B5. First and foremost it shows that they have (finally) abandoned their VHS-based notions of how to do a TV show on DVD. They're not doing single, 2-episode discs as Paramount did with ST:TOS. And they're no longer doing those idiotic "Best of" sets, as they originally did with Friends.

They know that fans of a show with a continuing story like B5 (and continuity changes, if not an over-arching plot, like Friends) want complete season sets, in order. They also know that DVD buyers generally rate supplemental features very high. And for a series like B5, which sold well for a time on both VHS and laserdisc, extra features are even more important - they give people who have already bought almost half the series to buy the same episodes all over again.

Still, it is probably a good idea to let them know exactly what we'd all like to see on the discs. You can write to the man in charge at the address below if you have some ideas you'd like to share. Also see this article for some of the reasons the industry as a whole is finally embracing the full-season set, and TV shows in general - which they generally ignored in the VHS days. Even Paramount is switching to full-season sets for ST:TNG.

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