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A memo to corporate knuckleheads...

Why don't you conduct focus groups with fans to doublecheck your work for you? Other marketing companies do this all the time. It can help to avoid annoying errors like:

How does the Season 2 packaging come out with an upside-down Sharlin cruiser on it? This is actually funny because for several years Columbia House ran their VHS series ads in genre magazines with the B5 station itself upside-down.

Why is Martin Sheen in the Season 1 booklet?

Why is Delenn's "The Gathering" incarnation pictured on the back of Season 1's box?

There's even a sentence error in the Season 1 booklet. HINT: They left out a contraction.

JMS often listened to the fans in terms of technical matters and as far as reinforcing his story. Even the term Lurkers came off the net. Of course, he wouldn't let them tell him what to do, but I believe he started actually to explain things more and more within the script as time went on.

Fans are a useful resource. If you want things to go out right the first time, you know who to call.