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A meaningless coincidence...

... but it still registered. An NYPD Blue rerun from the other day featured a sleazy lawyer named Sinclair, and a murder victim named Sheridan.


Sounds like one of the writers was a Babylon 5 fan! :)

Probably not. :) The episode concerned originally aired on May 17, 1994, when B5 was only about 1/2 way through airing season 1. Few people were aware of the show at that point, and, of course, there was no Sheridan.

Since Andrea Thompson had a part on NYPD Blue it may not be coincidence.

Andrea wouldn't start appearing on Blue until S4 (late 1996) and didn't become a regular until S5.


It which case it may be the other way round. JMS could have seen that episode possibly when Michael O'Hare started thinking about leaving.

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