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A Late Delivery from Amazon?



Has anyone in the UK received their S2 DVDs yet? I ordered some other stuff at the same time as my B5 DVDs and they've sent these, but looking at my order on the amazon.co.uk website it says it will be dispatched between 4-6 June.

Sorry, this isn't so much of a whinge as an excuse to use my cunningly crafted subject title. heh heh.
Nice title ;)

I'm also waiting for my delivery from Amazon.co.uk, having ordered the set in the middle of May (with free delivery) and my order is still not despatched with an expected delivery date of 2-6 June.

I can only hope that Amazon are aware of the French booklet that appears to have been inserted into the UK edition, and are awaiting replacements from Warners. *Fingers crossed*

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