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A few things for members to do


His Majesty
1) Check out your user control panel (listes as User CP in the header) and check the settings. You may need to update a few things like email notifications and allowing PMs.

2) All members must upload a new avatar if they want one. You can grab your old avatar from this location:


Do NOT link directly to these images as this directory will not be permanent. Find your image, save it, upload it. Also, they are listed by your old member number. For example, I am member 10 so on this list I am 10.jpg. Alas, I do not know individual member numbers. Good luck. :)
To help out with folks that don't know their old member number or have a local copy of their avatars, I've made a few screen shots that will hopefully help to identify which one to grab.



Hmmm... I don't see my avatar there, I don't have a copy of it, and I don't know my old member number. So, am I S.O.L.? But, thanks for posting those for folks, anyway. I'm sure it will help many.
One more thing: There are 2 picture fields available off of the User CP. There is a profile pic which is available when people view your profile and an avatar pic. You must upload the avatar pic to show up in the forums.

JJ: Is this your current avatar?
Good. You're welcome. :D If anyone else has trouble with their avatar, just post here and I'll see what I can do.
I don't see my avatar -- also do we have icons for messages? All I see are ones to put on your title and not the body of your message.
raisincajuns said:
...also do we have icons for messages? All I see are ones to put on your title and not the body of your message.

rc, see my post from the "B5TV's move to vBulletin discussion thread" and see if that'll help.
So, the old feature where you'd automatically be taken to the first new post in a thread is gone?

I'm curious: what are the advantages of vBulletin?
For those that have already uploaded their avatars, if you re-upload them, they should appear at their regular size.

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