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A few random movie recommendations...

I went through a long dry spell on going to the theater and renting movies, but I've seen more recently and have liked most of it. I'm up far later than I should be considering I have to go to work tomorrow (well, technically, today), so I may have to go into detail later, but for now, here a few titles and my grades of each:

In Theaters:
(B) 13 Going On 30
(C+) Troy

On Video:
(A-) Under the Tuscan Sun
(B+) Love Actually
(A-) Stuck on You

Has anyone else seen anything good lately?
(A-) Under the Tuscan Sun

That was actually good? It looks like a dumb chick flick. But I do love Diane Lane...

I watched two movies yesterday:

1. Naked Lunch
Talk about a mind-fuck of a movie. I don't even think it had a lot in common with the book, IIRC. Weird shit, not for me, I don't get it.

2. A Mighty Wind
Directed by Christopher Guest and filled with the same cast that was in his other comedies (This Is Spinal Tap, Waiting For Guffman, Best In Show), this is a satire on folk music. And the song even won an Oscar.
Shaun of the Dead,
a fantastic zomibe flick/ brit-com fusion, from Simon Pegg. On general release in the UK, not sure about the states...

Am lloking forward to Troy...
(A-) Under the Tuscan Sun

That was actually good? It looks like a dumb chick flick. But I do love Diane Lane...
Under the Tuscan Sun? You are a man right?

On a serious note, it IS a chick flick, and from what I heard, a bad one. I know a couple girls who saw it, and upon walking out commented "Well there is 2 hours of my life I will never get back."
Dude- bad movie. Dude. ;)

Of course, what the hell do I know? I certainly didn't go watch it.

And I'd recommend The Last Samurai, which, of course, just came out on DVD about two and a half weeks ago. And dammit, I now totally regret not seeing it in a theater.
Under the Tuscan Sun? You are a man right?

Yeap. I have to admit, I've been a little depressed and stressed out lately, so I've been in the mood for more light-hearted movies.


Dude- Diane Lane. Dude.

Exactly. I would also recommend Unfaithful. She's extra hot in that one, although there weren't enough "special" scenes.

On a serious note, it IS a chick flick,

I guess I have a different definition of chick flick. To me, First Wives Club, Waiting to Exhale, and The Ya-Ya Sisterhood are chick flicks, and I definitely stay way far away from them. Mona Lisa Smile had a tempting cast, but I finally decided that was probably a chick flick too and never saw it.

I have to admit, both Under the Tuscan Sun and 13 Going on 30 both had a handful of "girlie" moments that made me cringe a little, but I'm really big on good stories, sympathetic characters, and good character development. Both those movies had enough of that to make up for the few cringy, girlie moments here and there.

Plus, Jennifer Garner spent a good 5 to 10 minutes of the movie running around in a nighty. I can deal. ;)

And I'd recommend The Last Samurai,

That looked just good enough that I could endure it if I watch it over at someone else's house. But, I'm typically anti- Tom Cruise, so I can't bring myself to spend my own money on it.

Oh, and just to secure my manhood a little further, did I mention that Troy gets *penalty* points for Brad Pitt ass exposure.

Late entry: (B) Lost in Translation
Dude- Diane Lane. Dude.
Im not saying she isnt hot, Im just saying the movie blows. Hell Id rather go watch her in one of her many other movies than that steaming pile menopause.
Yep. No plans to see Tuscan Sun. She is extra nice in Unfaithful. So many good scenes: her first time with the French guy, the stairs, the bathroom- hubbahubba.

Lost in Translation is great as I have said here before.

The Last Samurai is nice looking movie if you don't take it too seriously, at best. At worst, I can see how someone who takes Japanese culture seriously would get offended.
Oh, and just to secure my manhood a little further, did I mention that Troy gets *penalty* points for Brad Pitt ass exposure.

I can't figure why any film that shows tits and ass gets rave reviews and yet a guy's ass warrants penalty points. As a gay man I guess I don't mind seeing Pitt's ass (actually I want to see the film more now :D), but I don't necessarily give a film that shows T&A on a woman penalty points for doing so. It's a double-standard in my book.

Let me also quantify all of this by stating that I hate it when any film uses T&A (whether gay, straight, or lesbian) in a gratuitous manner. To put such things in a story just to do it and get butts in seats is dumb. If it's there because the story requires it or its a part of what's naturally going on on the screen, that's one thing.

It's actually one of my many beefs with TREK these days...way too much T&A (and that goes for the men as well). Give me a great story and characters any day.

As for LAST SAMURAI, just rented it on DVD and loved it. I, too, am now upset that I missed it on the big screen. Don't get me wrong though, LOTR: ROTK definately still deserved Best Picture by far! :D

That in fact comes out on DVD next week I believe...can't wait! :D :D :D
I was going to make a similar post about a movie I recently saw, but saw your post and thought I may as well post it here instead.

The movie is called "Lathe of Heaven" and was shown on Sci-Fi channel UK. I'd not heard of it before but thought it looked interesting - it's about a guy who's dreams change reality.

It has a bit of a Donnie Darko feel to it, so if you liked that, you will probably enjoy Lathe too :) Anyway, just thought I'd share this little find with you all.

It was one of those films that when it has ended you say "wow, that was great but I don't understand the end". It then prompted a good bit of discussion until we eventually sussed it out.

So, if you like strange films, I reccomend you give it a go.
I guess I have a different definition of chick flick.

Just thought that I would throw out my personal definition what constitutes a "chick flick" or a "guy movie", for what little it is worth.

If a movie would tend to be rated noticably higher by one gender than the other, when taken over a wide sample space, then it is one or the other. That does not require that virtually every member of the other gender would have to loathe it.

I haven't seen Tuscan Sun, but what previews etc. that I have seen make it appear that it would probably meet that standard for "chick flick".
Fair enough to define "chick flicks" as you will.

But I must say, someone who even uses a phrase like "steaming pile menopause" deserves to be adoring his favorite hand, at best. :rolleyes:
Elric, there are actually two versions of Lathe Of Heaven. Both were made for TV.You probably saw the most recent, made in 2002, starring James Caan. It's not bad, and does have the best production values, but I think the 1980 version is better. We had this discussion when the most recent version came out a couple of years ago, it you want to search for the thread. Both versions are available on DVD in the UK.
The most recent version was CRAP. And it didn't even represent the story very well. :mad:

No, there is "Lathe of Heaven" made by PBS years ago, and only recently available to the public again.

And then there is this peice of crap some call 'Lathe of Heaven' which should be burned upon contact. :mad:

Eh, IMHO. :eek:
But, how do you REALLY feel? :D

I think the first version is way better too, but compared to TVnormal, the new version was watchable, IMO. I do wish the first version had had the resources of the second version. Perhaps Elric can dig up the DVD of the earlier version, and reach an independent conclusion.
The second version may have had "resources" but it didn't actually show the story. :mad:

How do I really feel? I feel that the most recent version is a typical example of the brainless adaptation of very interesting stories we can expect these days.

Sorry, didn't think to search on previous discussions about this!

The version I watched was the recent one. Didn't realise it was a remake - I'm normally against remakes but I really enjoyed it and it didn't seem "dumbed down" in any way like the majority of films these days.

I think it also resonated with me because I am currently reading about Huna (Hawaiian philosophy/belief system). In simple terms, you view life as a dream - change your dream and change your life! It is also very much about being in the here and now. Obviously, both of these were the themes of Lathe, and to me the story seemed to be loosly based on this way of looking at the Universe :D

I shall dig out the old thread about this and will definately look into getting the older version. Thank you all for the info on this :)
Eh, sorry, I shouldn't rant so about the new version. I saw it once, didn't like it, and really hoped I would. I think they changed something fairly major either at or near the end, too, I can't quite remember. :eek:

If you don't mind a low-budget interpretation of the book, do definitely hunt down and see the original PBS version. Now that it is available again. :cool: