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A Faith-full Buffy


His Majesty
Thanks to Kribu for this information.
I'm a-wishing and a-hoping here, but no truly reliable industry sources have gone with it yet. And the beeb are just repeating what the express reported, which may have come from this story.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up, whilst my inner fangurl just wants to squee! very loudly!
What?! i mean, isn´t the show called. BUFFY the vampire Slayer? heh.

I just hope the second article is right and it´s just a spin-off. i love faith, but i dont want her to take Buffy´s role in the show. Or Dawn.

Faith is cool though, a spin-off based on her would rock
Happy Phantom's got it right.

That just stems from the Express... which although not the worst paper over here, is still full of shit. I doubt this highly.

And they always talk about shit like... "Show producers" and how they got Eliza on board. But erm... what about the network? They've not okayed another season.
While that's definitely GREAT news, this

does not look like Eliza.

Looks more like Brooke Burke (sp?) from E! Entertainment TV.
I've been hearing mixed news reports of this for the last few weeks and in all honesty I don't know what to think. I've grown attached to my lil Buffy and introducing Faith sure would change the dynamic of the Scooby Gang. But in all hotness I'll stick around if Eliza decides she wants to be the new Buffy.
I doubt anyone would weep if Dawn and her big bag of waah left but the truth is I wouldn't be too upset if Buffy left as well. The character doesn't seem nearly as sympathetic as in the past.
I'll miss Buffy when it ends but I would prefer it to just stop rather than to go on witha Dawn thing. From what I hear, Joss is pretty fond of her. But am I alone in finding Dawn anoying and blood presure raisingly just plain rubbish?
But a faith thing could work. And I wouldn't be suprised to see a Spike thing either as he is so poular.
<font color="yellow"> Originally posted by b5ezekiel: </font color>
But am I alone in finding Dawn anoying and blood pressure raisingly just plain rubbish?

[Kosh] "No." [/Kosh]

In the "annoying" department, Dawn is to BtVS as Kim is to 24. I can't see them doing a Dawn spinoff and having it be worthwhile, in much the same way I can't see Sci-Fi doing a Tremors series and having it be worthwhile. Not enough there to justify a series.
See my perfect show would include the characters of Faith, Spike, Wesley and Lilah. Quite simply because they are the Jossverse's most complex, interesting characters.

Mmm, it would be such a pretty,shiny show...
There are many characters that would make interesting spinoffs. The thing that I've been wondering about lately is continuity in the Buffy verse. I don't know if anyone has read the Fray miniseries that Joss wrote for Dark Horse comics last year? If you haven't and don't want to know I'll put some spoiler space inbetween just in case I accidentally give anything away....

Anyway, in the comic it is alluded that the last slayer was in the 21st century (the slayer isn't named but it kinda points towards Buffy) and how she closed the rift between demons and humans and as a result all demons and magiks were sealed off from our world. He even goes into a little bit of the history of the first slayer. If BTVS continues after Buffy is gone, I'm just wondering if he will stick to this continuity or not.
Unfortunately the Faith spin-off is looking a lot less likely, as it seems Eliza has signed up to a pilot for a different show on Fox. Story here.

What I love is all the straw-clutching the fan community is now doing. "Maybe it's a fake pilot, so we all think Faith will die at the end of the year!" Of course, being the huge Faith fan that I am, I'm totally buying into that theory until someones proves it irrevocably untrue,
but yeah, not keeping my hopes up!
I wouldn't worry to much about that FOX show, HP. Past experience has proven time and time again that scifi/fantasy type shows on FOX have the average life expentancy of a hellbound snowball.

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