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a definitive babylon 5 universe timeline...

can anyone recommended a all ecompasing timeline? i've read the one on the lurker's guide but it does seem to be missing some stuff. i've found others which seem to derived from it but they are all also missing stuff.
Have you tried this one? My understanding is that it's by the same person who did the timeline that was published in the final few Official B5 Magazine issues (which I highly recommend if you can locate them).

B5 Chronology

wasn't the timeline that was in the B5 magazines incorrect? i had read that a dating error had thrown almost all of the dates off.
Yup, the original printing of the "Official B5 Chronology" from the magazine was *waaay* off in one tiny respect: the author decided to backdate the ENTIRE last fifth of the first season -- the "Voice in the Wilderness" two-parter, "Babylon Squared," et al -- based solely upon the offhand comment made by Lennier in "The Quality of Mercy" that he'd been onboard the station "for six months."

Dunno where you come from, but in this situation you either (A) take into account that Lennier might've been using Minbari months, or (B) you simply relocate the one single skriffing episode back to the six-month mark. Everyone, from JMS to the Lurker's Guide to the other major B5 chronology site linked above, maintain that the final, pre-"Chrysalis" episodes clearly occur near the tail-end of the first year, concomitant with Walker Smith's "Watch your back, Garibaldi" rejoinder.

Other than *that*...the chronology ain't half bad.