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A BIG thanks to the cast and crew who have posted here.


This is the only Sci-Fi site I have really ever been to consistently. I am a new B5 fan (just over a year) and stumbled across this site when I heard about another B5 Telemovie in the works. At first I came here to learn about some stuff about B5 from the many fans who really know the show. I also came to learn more about the Rangers movie in the works. I was VERY suprised when I started seeing the actors and actresses posting here. Now granted, my level of involvement in many of these posts is minimal, but I think I would like to open the doors to anyone who wishes to thank the cast and crew who posted here. To me this is something very new and unique. MY anticipation towards seeing this movie grew because of your involvelemt with the fans. Seeing a cast so dedicated to taking time out of their busy schedules to drop information, or even just chat, was a breath of fresh air. What made this even more interesting is that this is an 'unofficial' site that was practially dubbed official because of the cast's involvement here, and I think that speaks a lot to the fanbase here as well.

Hopefully we all get a Rangers series, but no matter how things turn out, your participation here was appreaciated. You all certainly added to the hype of this movie for many of us, and I am sure there are tons of people on this board who would like to thank you all as well, or have already.

Good luck to all,

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What Recoil said.

I rarely post, just slink through, read messages and leave. But I also have really enjoyed reading all the posts.

And that goes triple for Joe, for all the years of answering endless questions from all of us.

Thanks again.

What he said, and what she said.

I'm so anxious for this movie to air and do well. I feel like I'm waiting to see my new friends do good.

I won't be able to see it until I get back home, which makes my fretful anxiety a little more intense than anticipated.

And if for some reason my vcr doesn't tape this show people will hear the scream for miles.


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Let me add my name to the list of well wishers!

May tonight's premiere enjoy great success, and lead to many more B5 adventures for the cast, crew, and of course, us.

Additional thanks to the management of this site. It is a fun, civil, and entertaining place to spend time.

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I just wanted to express my thanks too. The interaction between those involved with the movie, and their closeness to the posters as well as the closeness of all the fans posting here (even us lurkers) is just making this event all the more exciting.

So a very big thank you is in order.