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A big thank you to the Ranger cast


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I just wanted to say thanks to Dylan, Warren, Myriam, and the rest of the cast for the great job you did in the movie. I don't know if I can speak for everyone here, but I was greatly entertained by your performances. I think the whole cast did an excellent job playing their parts and making this movie a good one. I think I love it more every time I watch it, and I have seen it 3 times already.
But whatever happens series-wise (whether we get one or not), I can say that it was a priveledge watching the cast in the movie, and I am glad for the opportunity.

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Well said .I have seen 6 times now and I love more every time I watch my tape again thank you.


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I've now watched my tape twice, and I add my thanks to the list.

An excellent job from all the major cast members. It was delightful to see such strong performances across the board.

I'm a happy technomage. I hope to increase that happiness by the length of a series commitment.

I'll try to organize my thoughts to make specific comments later, but I didn't want to wait to say Thank You.


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