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70's TV show


70\'s TV show

I've just had a conversation with a friend about some old TV shows back in the 70's early 80's which only did one season. They were usually shown here in the UK on Saturday mornings of during the summer holidays.

We have found out about 'The Fantastic Journey', but I remembered another one and I can't think of the title. All I can remember is that it started with a group of people making a space rocket out of junk and going to the moon. Another episode had them going into the jungle, and another had the rocket going on a rescue mission to some astronaughts stuck in a space station and slowly freezing to death.

Any help?

Anyother fondly remembered one season shows?
Re: 70\'s TV show

You're thinking of Salvage 1, a short-lived TV series starring Andy Griffith (in between Mayberry and Matlock) that was spun-off from the 1979 TV movie Salvage about a junk-yard owner who went to the Moon and "salvaged" equipment that the United States had "abandoned" there in order to pay off a huge tax bill. :) The movie was a hoot, as I recall, but I don't remember too many details about the series, except that none of the episodes recaptured the charm of the pilot. According to the IMDB 20 one hour episodes were produced and aired in 1979, although I could have sworn that at least one more two hour movie was produced. (Maybe a two-part episode was repackaged as a TV movie or vice versa.)



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