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50 Reasons Why LotR Sucks

Lol. Liked this one the best:

20. Magic Mechanics.

Experts on the occult say in order for a wizard to floorspin a fully-grown man like Gandalf, he'd need three magical staffs, not two.
I liked that one best too. :D

That seems to be quite an amusing site... it's good to have more stuff to explore. :)

My favorite site, by Maddox (google the word Maddox) isn't updated enough to keep me amused.
The concept of the violent dwarf was based on Al Pacino.


As for the girl who responded- no matter how much of that kind of stuff I see, I always get amazed by such stupidity. :eek:
Check this girl out, for instance. :)

Can people really be this stupid, or is the whole thing just a joke? There is even one poster (kicsiviz) who takes the time to argue with the girl, point-by-point. It boggles the mind. :rolleyes:
I love watching or hearing about stupid people, it makes me feel better about myself, especially if I'm having a bad day. :p
I love watching or hearing about stupid people, it makes me feel better about myself, especially if I'm having a bad day. :p

Well then, that stuff is so dumb you must be feeling like a million bucks. :D
51st reason why LOTR sucks: It has a mouth, and wants you to get off, and enjoy yourself!

There ARE other ways to take things literally, like the clueless girl, but find the humor... ;)
I have to tell my friends about this. :D I hope that they have better sence of humor than that girl who takes this too seriously :p.
PWOT: 4. They switched Darrens on us!

GIRL: Very simple answer to this. Sometimes, when they were filming with the actual actors for the Hobbits instead of the size doubles, they needed to use a very tall actor who was like 7" or so.

WOW! Those Hobbits must be smaller than I thought. At first I thought they were about the size of 6-year-old kids, but they must be the size of SMURFS if they needed really tall actors who are 7 INCHES tall in order to pull off some of those tricky shots.

What a dope. If you're going to make an idiot of yourself, at least do it with proper notations. ;)
Just read "50 reasons"; what a maroon! what an embezil! Hope this guy makes the next issue of 'The Darwin Awards'!

Bester-"I see you're still hiring from the shallow end of the gene pool!"
My Favorite:
The Battle Droid Syndrome.

The mutated muscular soldiers of Mordor turned out to be hilariously ineffective fighters, a dozen of them held off by a single dying human. Apparently they made the beasts by crossing Orcs, Goblins and the French.

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