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5 Days to Midnight


5 DAYS TO MIDNIGHT[/b] a 5 hour mini series starts tonight at 9 p.m. on the Sci Fi channel. I'm so desperate for some good science fiction I think I'll give it a try. The write-up says Professor J.T. Neumeyer has five days to reorder the laws of quantum physics if he doesn't want to find himself sprawled on the floor of a strip joint with a bullet through his forehead. And it says that the series is intended to remind viewers that the first component of science fiction is science. . . . O.K. . . .
Last night's opener was good. What I really like is that it is only 4 nights back-to-back. Last night counted for two days. It's like 24 without all the waiting. :cool:

Despite being on SciFi there has been no gratuitous sex yet. Of course, it does end in a strip club so we'll see.

Aside from some cheesy slo-mo camera work, it's been a top notch production.
I hadn't heard about this, so I didn't catch last night's ep. I am curious: does it appear to be a return to the "science" in "science fiction"?

Or is it pretty much an action/adventure?
I stayed up until 1 am watching the repeat of last night's ep, only to find out it's airing before Part 2 tonight.
So you can watch all three hours at once and get caught up.

No, it's not heavily scientific. The premise is simple: A physics professor receives a case containing an unsolved homicide file, seemingly from the future, in which he is the victim. That's the science fiction part. With the help of his acedemic contacts he seeks to learn the mystery of the case's construction and how it could be sent through time. That's the science. They may or may not follow up on that tonight.

Primarily, though, the show is an action piece in the 24 vein, as the professor's initial skepticism over what he believes to be a malicious prank turns to belief that the file is real and his days are severely numbered.
I just watched this whole miniseries yesterday. They ran it from 5pm CST to 10pm CST on Sci-Fi Channel straight through, which was cool.

All in all I thought it was really good. I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend 5 hours watching it on Sunday, but found myself being drawn in. It started off as a "who-done-it" with the lead character trying to figure out WHO killed him. There was some "science" in the show as mentioned above, but not an annoying amount, just time theory which is an old plotline. It was just cool having a guy get something from the future detailing his own death and him trying to put it together --- then as time goes on watching all the things he does to prevent it turn out making things end up as they appeared.

Another thing I liked that they did, as while it started off as a mystery, this guy trying to SOLVE his own murder and figure out who killed him, is that as the show was wrapping up, the story of WHO killed him became rather irrelevant (which imo would be the case). By having info from the future he was changing the timeline a bit so to speak and caused ANOTHER Series of events to occur and ended up drawing himself into a similar instance --- but one which caused things to be slightly different. So in the end it wasnt about who killed him in the file, it was about him, in trying to find out his killer, put himself in a worse situation and had something different occur. So it didnt matter who killed him before, it mattered what he had done now.

Given it was a Sci-Fi movie I was also impressed at how well done it was. No gratutious sex as mentioned above --- no skin at all in fact. It was a simple enough premise for a story, good characters, and interesting enough events occuring and plot twists to keep things encompassing.

The only downside to watching it in one sitting as I did was watching the SAME DAMN COMMERCIALS AT EVERY BREAK FOR 5 HOURS! That sucked.

On a side note, while this was a Sci-Fi production that was done very well, not cheesy, and with no typical pointless Sci-Fi Channel skin, there were adverisements for the next Sci-Fi channel movie "DECOYS" which is about aliens taking over sorority chicks and causing mayhem. The irony being that 5 Days to Midnight was a good "non alien" science fiction which is what Bonnie Hammer had said a couple years ago she wanted to take the channel in the direction towards, the channel just can't seem to get away with their extreme low budget cheese alien movies as Decoys promises to be. :p

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