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Okay, I'll start.

So Sherry is guilty of TREASON and the President of the United States tells her she will be arrested if she resists while being escorted to her car. I may be out of touch with the penal codes, but isn't treason punishable by firing squad?
Not all treason leads to that nowadays. From a headline I skimmed, some guy by the name of Reagan (not the president or related as far I as I know) is on trial for spying for another country yet he's not getting the death penalty. Plus, I don't think Palmer is sure she's guilty of it; he thinks she might be telling the truth but he's (rightly so) not taking any chances that she is against him. However, I do think it was stupid to let her go free.

Overall it was a pretty cool episode.
I hope they resolve the bomb thing in the next episode and dive into the anti-Palmer conspiracy and such. It's been a cool story, but it can soon start to wear out its welcome.

Sherry has balls. She's caught red-handed and still has the brass to give Palmer that same ol' jive about how she's "helping" him.
Finally saw this one today.

I hope they get the bomb plot resolved soon as well. It is getting to the point where its not gonna be able to be continued too much farther.

Anyone else notice that the seconds before the commercial break after Mason left CTU ticked silently? The only time it was ever done that way before was at the end of Season 1 when Jack found his wife dead and they ticked silently to 24:00.00 Just thought that was interesting.
Yeah, that was pretty cool- a little tribute to Mason. I just hope they don't ruin it by miraculously saving his life or bringing him back somehow.
Yea I thought it was a nice tribute as well.

Mason has been quite the roller coaster ride for the last season and a half. You feel sorry for the guy at this point, and think he is doing one hell of a noble act by putting as much as he can into his work knowing he is going to die soon. Almost makes you forget that the only reason he got in that condition is that he was trying to go to Division to sort of save his own ass (so it seemed). Last season he had his ups and downs too.

He is going to be a character I actually will miss, and I think some of the more emotional moments in season 2 have been surrounding him --- that scene with his son was great. The last exchange between Tony and Mason was rather good as well. I do not think the writers will try to bring him back. 24 just doesnt seem to be that type of show. I'm not saying the character wont appear once more or so before the end of this season, just that they wont "save" him and that he will be dying soon.
I liked the whole Mason tribute too. I wonder if we'll see him again before he dies. I agree that there's not much more they can do with the bomb, but I wonder what else there's going to be for Bauer to do once it is resolved.

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