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24 S3 (prolly spoilers)


I don't watch the show (yet) but saw this and thought I would pass it along. I won't be reading this thread after this post so you will have to reply to me some other way.

From SFTV News list:

<font color="orange">I just got off FOX's February sweeps wrap-up conference call and FOX president Gail Berman made the very huge and very cool news that they have renewed "24" for a third season. Berman said the producers have come up with an idea for a third season and it appears Kiefer will be back. (One of the reporters joked that "can Kim go away to boarding school next season?") You'll see the wires (Variety, Hollywood Reporter and so forth) confirm all this tomorrow.

Brian Ford Sullivan
The Futon Critic
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*brings in drinks and hookers*

Jeremiah gets renewed. 24 gets renewed. My faith in television is restoring itself
24 and Jeremiah both renewed, what more can you ask for, since they are the only shows I watch. After American Gothic, Millennium, Earth above and Beyond and most of all Crusade were canceled after one season or less, I was not sure when I would have shows I like go beyond the first season.


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