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"24" May 2nd **SPOILERS**

\"24\" May 2nd **SPOILERS**

That was a damn fine episode. All about actions and consequences. The Chinese Consul, who was cooperating with Palmer, has been killed. You have to feel bad for the Chinese. Palmer's in office for 30 minutes and he's lying his ass off again. President Logan was afraid to make tough decisions; now Palmer has started events that could lead to World War 3.

And Jack has killed Paul. Another relationship bites the dust.
I thought this one was thought provoking and very well acted.
Re: \"24\" May 2nd **SPOILERS**

I didn't like it, it felt too much over the top. I know that "24" is all about coincidents, but it just didn't feel right. I'm not only talking about the ending which was very predictable and forced.
Re: \"24\" May 2nd **SPOILERS**

Once again I am not very impressed with this episode, although it did have some good parts.

Seems they have to have some CTU bickering in every episode, this time between Tony and Bill.

I kind of like the Chinese Embassy storyline, although I don't really feel they needed to add it. This could set up a whole other chain of events...possibly leading to next season?

I did like the ending of the episode with Jack having to choose between Paul and the Chinese guy, although despite what Audrey may think, it was the right call.
Re: \"24\" May 2nd **SPOILERS**

Damn, I'm in the minority.

It could have done without Tony's analysis, which was dead wrong. Bill's got every reason to be extremely pissed when he's running CTU and is not told that they've decided to raid the Chinese Consulate. It has nothing to do with Tony thinking he's making headway with Michelle.

I just like the subject matter in this one, the moral ambiguity of it all. The way Palmer orders Jack to do what is clearly the wrong thing for the right reason, and then Jack similarly makes another unpopular judgment call. It even shows how emotionally detatched Jack has become. He is the job, and nothing else matters. It takes him several minutes to even acknowledge that Paul is on the table and try to help because he's so fixated on the target. Audrey pleads and he completely ignores her. I think Jack is almost due for a good cry - in private, of course.
Re: \"24\" May 2nd **SPOILERS**

I rather liked it as well. I did find it a bit odd that there were apparently no security cameras to see Jack's approach. I could see the confrontation with Jack and Audrey halfway through, but I don't think it hurt the episode any. Just because you probably know what's going to happen doesn't mean it isn't good. Just look at Mason for example.
Re: \"24\" May 2nd **SPOILERS**

I liked it. Best of the last several episodes, and maybe one of the strongest of the season.

I liked Palmers call to go into the Embassy and get the guy out. Yea, he was lying to the deputy consul, but he HAS to in that situation. It isn't like he is lying to the U.S. public about his personal life and choices, which is what bothered him last season. But yes, he does have to feel conflicted about getting in there, and getting his hands VERY dirty in the first 30min.

I do think it was a nice plot touch to have the guy who was trying to help him get killed by accident, which could lead to a major insident.

I thought the end of the episode was the strongest. The choice Jack had to make, especially his talking to Paul at the begining of the episode and thanking him for saving his life, only to have him choose to let him die 45min later. Kieffer showed why he is still the best actor on Primetime televsion right now. He really delivered in the last 10min of that episode, and the lady who played Audrey wasn't so bad either.

I will say though, that these guys have some kind of warp drive thing going on still. Jack went from CTU, to doing a full fledge raid and snatch n grab, and back to CTU, all in under an hour. :p
Re: \"24\" May 2nd **SPOILERS**

It does seem to me that the season is getting a bit better, yeah .. not that last week was "ideal" or anything .. but noticably better than the week before that.

This week .. well .. had some complaints too about details, but those there always are with 24 :D

First .. that Jack got in and out that easily. Wouldn't there be cameras? And how the hell did he survive when everyone was shooting at him? Oh well :D

Second .. how the hell does the Chinese guy know where Marwan is? Who knows where Marwan is? Didn't he just run off to a completely new location 10 minutes earlier? Do all people he's in contact with know all his hidden secret locations and in which order he'll get to them?

And finally .. the matter of only having one doctor at CTU seemed quite bizarre to me. If there really was only one doctor there .. wouldn't they have either moved Paul to some other place/hospital when his situation was non-critical but when medical attention was quite needed and there was always the possibility of wounded people coming in needing medical attention? Or why didn't they take the Chinese guy somewhere else if CTU's medical facilities are so minimal?

Eh .. I'm too practical for this show at times :D
Re: \"24\" May 2nd **SPOILERS**

Also I don't think they explained why Paul was stable and fine one minute and then dying the next.

Jack had a "good cry" in private at the end of last season... or was it season 2? When he was sitting in the van.

Also he wasn't completely cold, only in the beginning of the incident when he pulled the gun on the doc. Then the emotion and compassion hits him while Audry is yelling at him and he's trying to save Paul and forcing the doc to operate on the Chinese dude. Jack's not completely cold it's just that he operates on focused instinct.

How stupid and incompetent were the Chinese? Jack is running with the dude on his shoulders so they fire at him, thus obviously killing the person they're trying to protect. And then the consul just runs in front of the gunmen... and they continue firing? Look, I'm no military tactical genius, but I figure if you're in the way of bullets you might get hit by them and be dead, no?
Re: \"24\" May 2nd **SPOILERS**

Yea I made the same observation about the Chinese. I couldnt figure out why they were shooting at Jack given he is carrying a guy they are trying to protect. It must be the old "if we cant protect him and keep him, then NO ONE WILL!" mindset.
Re: \"24\" May 2nd **SPOILERS**

The other option is that although these guys carry guns, they've never actually been, nor ever expected to be, under attack. Call it "Rent-a-Cop" syndrome.

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