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24 - Day Three ***SPOILERS***


It's almost that time again, folks. The cliffhanging must-see day-in-the-life of borderline psychotic Jack Bower returns next Tuesday (28 October).

This twenty-four hours takes place three years after the events of last season. President Palmer is on the campaign trail for reelection (after recovering from his bioattack) and Jack is back as director of CTU.

The premise:
Mexican druglord Ramon Salazar's brother Hector intends to release a biological attack against America through a big bag of coke unless Ramon is released from prison.

Who's new:
Wayne Palmer - it appears the pres is having trouble trusting anybody working for him, so he hires his brother as chief-of-staff.
Dr Anne Packard - the president's personal physician is also his girlfriend.
Nicole Duncan (played by Andrea Thompson) - a virologist who works at CTU.
Agent Chase - Jack's new partner.

Recurring characters:
Jack - has spent the past six months undercover to bust Ramon, and now has a secret he's hiding from CTU.
Tony & Michelle - they're still hot and heavy.
Kim Bower - works at CTU... for some reason.

Didn't make the cut:
Sherry Palmer - the president has finally moved on.
Kate Warner - maybe Jack has issues or something.
Nina - unless she's linked with all threats to nation security, of course.

The season premiere is going commercial-free again this year, unless you count the five minute ad for Ford (who is sponsoring it). And I have to say that the story sounds a little more interesting than last year's. It seems like it has less potential to be as all-over-the-place. Bringing Kim back is groan-inducing at the very least, but her new position does garner her a better chance of getting killed.

But still, it has the potential to recapture the thriller aspect that is absent from most of the TVscape these days. Here's to the only network show I actually look forward to every week.

Interesting. I saw in the trailers that the Pres was OK, but I didnt realize they put it SO FAR in the future, like 3 years. I also saw Kim very briefly in one of the trailers, and she was dressed in a suit, so I was wondering if she was now employed by CTU. Well she does have lots of experience running from bad guys now, and well as shooting to kill. :p

I'm actually kinda bummed that Kate Warner isn't in it. I wouldnt mind looking at her for another season. :)
Wow, they hired Kim. What, was it as an example of what NOT to do as an agent? I was under the impression that hapless wouldn't look good in the old resume. Maybe they hired the mountain lion too? :D
I'm with Recoil in wanting to see Kate Warner again. I was really hoping she'd be around this season. As for Kim, I was kind of hoping that she would have gone off to college or something and that she wouldn't be around this time to get into more trouble. One person that I really would have liked to have seen last season was Milo. I hope they bring him back for at least a few episodes this season, but I'm not counting on it.
It's almost that time again, folks. The cliffhanging must-see day-in-the-life of borderline psychotic Jack Bower returns next Tuesday (28 October).

Yeah, baby, now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! Bring it on!

Mmm... Andrea Thompson...

I wonder if they didn't leave Warner on because of the actress or because of story. I think it could have been really neat for Jack, but maybe they just couldn't fit her into the story or were worried about repeating stuff from the 1st season.

Since this is Fox, I bet they're going to try to top the insanity Jack's been through and did last year. That'll be tough- how do you beat dying for a minute and then being resurrected, flying a plane into the ground, and chopping a dude's head off for proof of his fake loyalty to a group of hired terrorists?

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