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24: Day 2 10:00-11:00 pm (SPOILERS!)

Re: 24: Day 2 10:00-11:00 om (SPOILERS!)

Don't ever put that name and word together
. She may be good looking but does basically nothing for the show. Aside from that this epsiode was very good. Only thing I hate is that we have to wait three weeks for a new ep.
Re: 24: Day 2 10:00-11:00 om (SPOILERS!)

I make no apologizes
Kim was good as she fulfilled her only true purpose: being Jack's daughter (or Spawn of Kiefer if you are TWOP-inclided) -- as opposed to the butt of every joke of a storyline the writers come up with at 3:00 am after way too many Twinkies with a stale moka java chaser.

All hail Mason! I'm sorry I called you a "twit" last season, man *sniff*
Re: 24: Day 2 10:00-11:00 om (SPOILERS!)

I think this was definitely one of the best episodes I've seen and yes, even Kim was good. That scene with Jack telling Kim he had to go down with the plane was well done and very emotional. I was sad to see Mason go down, but at least it was a noble end for him.

I guess the direction of the show will now be focused on discovering who was behind the bomb and their motives. I also have a feeling that something is going to go wrong on Air Force One, likely exposing a traitor in the President's midst.
Re: 24: Day 2 10:00-11:00 om (SPOILERS!)

I would agree, last nights show was the best yet. I was thinking last night about the reporter that the Whitehouse retained ( I can't think of his name) anyways once he was released/escaped he then talked to the press. The thing is after he talked to the press about 3 or 4 hours ago shouldn’t you see mass panic on the streets of L.A. , or am I remember this wrong. Anyways a great show last night and so far this season has been great.


I never thought I would say this but I was not annoyed by Spawn at all during this episode. Shocking, very shocking indeed. Plus, that whole nuclear hoobajoob going off. Now begins the real intrigue. Is the recording fake? Ok, so if you saw the promos, then you know the answer to that one. Who's Mr. Shadowy dude? Will Kiefer be able to stop the war? Will the Cougar come back and eat Spawn (Please, Lord, Please!)?
Re: 24: Day 2 10:00-11:00 om (SPOILERS!)

Kim is definitely better with a gun - she put Mr El Camino right in his place.

I knew (as did we all) that Mason would save Keiffer's skin, but I have a real problem with him waiting until there were only four minutes left to jump out of the plane. It was stated that the plane could top 200 mph; 4 minutes would put Jack 13.3 miles from ground zero. All through the series, they've been talking about getting out of the 50 mile radius of LA. If Bauer had jumped at the 12 minute mark when Mason first revealed himself, he would've still been only 40 miles from ground zero. That bomb was no "dirty nuke" built in a cave. It was the real deal - the worst case scenario, and Bauer was just too close.

Next, we'll see the aftermath..... in another damn 3 weeks!
Re: 24: Day 2 10:00-11:00 om (SPOILERS!)

i knew he the sick dude would pilot and whats his face would parachute...i knew the sick dude was in the plane, bc we never saw him after he talked to whatshis face, and we never saw into the back of the plane~!!!
Re: 24: Day 2 10:00-11:00 om (SPOILERS!)

Several things:

1) Great episode!

2) Yes, I agree with everyone else. Kim was NOT repeat NOT annoying at all. In fact I thought the actress's (whatever her name is) performance was just about perfect. The scene when she was on the phone with her dad was really done well. Maybe she didnt have much of a reason to be in Season 2 up until now, but that one scene was a BIG reason she has been in it thus far Id say. Well done.

3) I think we all knew that Mason was going to sneak on the plane. But it was still a good scene with him convincing Jack to jump out. Sort of reminded me of Lorien in a way "Its easy to find something worth dying for, do you have anything worth living for."

4) I too had an issue with him bailing out 5min before it went off. Yes, the mileage didnt work out so well. While it was a built nuke, they never said how powerful it was. Granted it wasnt a dirty nuke, but it may not have been a enourmous one either. In any event, as described above, he was probably 12 some miles away and even if it was in this crater in the ground surrounded by mountains, that was too close. Also Jack would likely have still been in the air parachuting down when it went off (unless he HALO jumped). They should have had him bail with 10min intead of leaving it till 5. Minor detail in the grand scheme of things though.

Now lets get to the spoiler stuff for the future. Here are some of my guesses for the rest of the season.

I think there are 2 factions at work here. The first may be Stanton. Perhaps he did intend to let the bomb in the country, and have his team disarm it, and embarass the President to make a power play. That is what we have been lead to believe so far.

Now it seems as though there may have been a second group, maybe pretending to help or side with Stanton, but really having their own adjenda. I think the missing Special Forces guy would have been one of them. While Stanton was to believe that the bomb would be stopped, that 1 special forces agent killed Stanton's team and was going to deliver the bomb to LA where it WOULD have gone off. Who is behind it, and why would they pretend to side with Stanton who is making a power play?

Well the "evidence" is one reason. If that evidence is indeed planted, then that second faction wanted the bomb to go off in order to start a war. They had the perfect alibi. It would have been hard to get one of those bombs in the country, so they let a politically motivated Stanton cook up a plan to allow one in, and let him believe that it would be stopped there by serving Stantons purpose, when really the second group would take over, detonate it, and serve their purpose.

It seems that someone is trying to push the country to war. Like Palmer said, his options are going to be limited now. That "evidence" is going to almost force the US to attack those 3 countries. Someone wanted this to happen. As to why, we dont fully know yet. Which is why we have to tune in next week.
Re: 24: Day 2 10:00-11:00 om (SPOILERS!)

I was being a little on the sarcastic side about Kim, hence the smiley. I know sarcasim doesn't translate well over the net but I tried.

I think I remember hearing that the bomb was a 10kt power which is not too small, but not big either, though I don't know too much about nukes and their destructive power due to the charge.
Re: 24: Day 2 10:00-11:00 om (SPOILERS!)

I can't really say anything that hasn't been said already. Kim wasn't annoying, Mason would save the day, and Jack jumped out too close to the blast range. It was probably my favorite episode this season. Anyone else find that general guy that Palmer talked to a little suspicious? There was just something odd about him, to me at least.

What the hell's up with all these three week waits anyway?
What can I say?

Great Episode. Just wham. Detonating a nuclear bomb in a series like 24 is not a minor event.

I'll miss George. Really. I didn't like him earlier on but over time he developed into one of my favorite characters. His goodbye was excellent.

I really was surprised when Kim didn't do anything stupid whatsoever for most of the episode. Unfortinantley, she disapointed me - leaving the SUV after finding out what Jack was doing was not all to bright - but, given the circumstances, in a way understandable.

I suspect the 3 middle eastern countries are being set up. Not naming these 3 countries, though neccesary and right (blaming a random country of supporting nuclear strikes against the US ain't nice) - is very annoying. It just somehow takes a big bite out of the realism of the series. But there is really no other way they could/should do it.

The military dude seems wrong. My intuition just tells me he's a crook. And I think Palmer is thinking along similar terms.

I wonder how Jack will tie in in the rest of the season. From the way it looks now there is nothing left to do for him (except hooking up with Kate). Probably he will meet up with Palmer and the two of them will be working together for the rest of the season.

What about Sherry? Will we see her again? After all, she was left behind in Oregon - and for the rest of this season, Oregon is uninteresting - probably.

What about Nina? Will we see her again? Also if I'm fond of her - I hope not. There would be no real purpose. And one thing I like about 24 is that everything has a purpose.


3 week breaks suck. I'm getting 2 of them now. After the next episode airs, I'm heading for the US and won't have access to my computer and probably also not have time to watch TV.

Well - I'l be in LA. I can make my own oppinion. I can find out if I've been pulling for the wrong team all the time - I have this feeling I'll find out that LA deserves to be nuked

One question: 24 is really produced in LA, isn't it? There are enough "on-location" shots that it seems probable, but for some reason so many of the actors are canadian (The whole Bauer Family is/was made up of canadian actors)..I started wondering if it might be produced in Vancouver..? Any ideas about the high canadian-ratios?
Regarding the military General:

Yes, he seemed very "odd" and I think Palmer picked up on it. The most shocking part of their conversation was when the General said they already had a plan in place and ready to go, that it just needed to be activated. Palmer picked up on it and questioned. The guy stumbled on his answer saying they plan for lots of contingencies. However it really sounded like they fully expected to be ready to go after these 3 countries before hand. Palmer was already questioning whether the Hard Drive evidence was legit or planted. This General just reinforced his doubts. I think Palmer realizes that things are being staged and that this "contingency plan" which just happens to be against the three countries on the Hard Disk isnt a cooinsidence.
Re: 24: Day 2 10:00-11:00 om (SPOILERS!)

What the hell's up with all these three week waits anyway?

I'm gonna blame those goddam reality shows. Probably American Pop Idol or some other crap that seems to be on every night of the week.

That General guy clearly seems to be in cahoots with Sherry's faction, already having a convenient plan for the situation. Very fishy.

It will be interesting to see how the foreign guy in CTU gets involved. Judging by what Tony said to him, he's from one of the three countries implicated by Syed Ali. He could go either way.

But what ever happened to Kate's dad? Is he still being held at the CTU?
Re: 24: Day 2 10:00-11:00 om (SPOILERS!)

I heard that they have to / want to have episodes running during all the main sweeps - whatever a main sweep is. They don't have enough episodes to make it any other way.

One thing about the 3 week waits - it makes the chasm between season 2 and season 3 (which is going to excist, it's been confirmed AFAIK) smaller
. AFAIK there were 3 of them. Making the entire running time of the series 30 weeks. "Only" ~21 weeks pause between the seasons.

But then, 24 is a series that has cliffhangers between the episodes. Not between the seasons. (Untill now - but it makes sense that way, I don't think it'll be any different between 2&3)
Re: 24: Day 2 10:00-11:00 om (SPOILERS!)

February, May and November are the main sweeps monthes. It is the ratings that the networks get during those monthes that determine how much they charge the advertisers for each time slot. Obviously, the higher the ratings during sweeps the greater the advertising revenue for the nets. That's why they save all their good stuff for those monthes. Conversely, if a series is bumped out of the regular schedule for a sweeps monthes, it's a pretty good sign that it'll soon be cancelled.
Re: 24: On the Star Trek guest star thread.

The woman driving the SUV was the actress who played Dr Leah Brahms on Star Trek, TNG. Backstory has it that Geordie and Leah do eventually get married (or at least they did in the possible future of "All Good Things...").
Re: 24: On the Star Trek guest star thread.

Ah, thank you. I was wondering why she looked so familiar.

Dr. Leah Brahms is my dream woman- gorgeous and brilliant.
Re: 24: On the Star Trek guest star thread.

And she doesn't hold a grudge for long if you make a holographic representation of her for your fantasies.

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